National Day of Hope-Don’t forget the Kids

Today is national day of hope.  This is the day that we remember our children.  Now whether or not you have children, all children are our children.  The stats of children that are abused and neglected are astounding.  Literally its heart breaking to say the least.  I haven’t seen a day pass where I don’t wake up and hear about a child that is hurt in some way and usually by the hands of the ones that is supposed to nurture them.

We really have to put into perspective the amount of children that are hurt, killed, beaten, starved, etc.  This is the day to step up in ways to look out for the children.  Have you seen a mom that looks like she is at the end of her rope?  Can you offer some help?  Can you take the children for a few hours?  Can you help provide a good meal?  Can you help that mom or day to get on their feet?  Whatever you can do is a help.  Some people do NOT deserve to have kids.  This is a fact.  The ones who end up hurting in the end are the kids. We can change one child’s life than its not in vain.  There are some adults who themselves have been abused as a child.  The scars and physical wounds heal but the trauma never goes away.  Encourage someone who has been abused to receive help.  Hurt people hurt people.  Get therapy so you can realize what a healthy relationship looks like.  Together we can shed light on abuse and stop it.  If you know of someone who is being abused speak up. If you can’t reach them then put the child’s needs over your personal relationship.  This means even if its your best friend, mother, father, neighbor, etc.  do the right thing.  Do not leave kids vulnerable to these horrible acts.

Let me also say that we all as parents, parent differently.  One thing that regardless of race, age, creed, etc there are a few things that should be standard in regards to children is the whole need to threaten them.  I am simply talking about the parents that feel the need to curse their kids.  To me and you can disagree until the cows come home, but your child isn’t a bitch, stupid, and any other derogatory word.  If you need to curse at your kids to get them to do anything its not the kids fault its your fault.  I get tired of hearing the F bombs the MF bombs this and that being thrown at kids.  They are not adults.  I could care less if that’s how you talk to other adults, draw a line at the kids.  I was at my daughter’s dance class and heard a grandmother at that tell her grandson how he would never amount to nothing with his sorry dumb ass.  I stopped and was almost sick to my stomach. Then she told him to get his MF ass up and do what I say.  One thing I was grateful for was the man that heard what I heard and went over to the young man to assist him in listening and in love talked to her.  The sad part is she was screaming this so all of the other children were witnessed to this.  If she was willing to speak publicly like that, then my God what would she say to him in private.  I don’t judge parents so let me be clear.  Talking to a child like that is WRONG.  Its not judgement its facts.  I could care less what that child has done or is doing, its WRONG.  If you find yourself have to talk to a child in this matter, please get help.  The root of anger that would allow you to be okay with such conversations speaks volumes.  We have to step it up parents, grandparents, care givers, aunts, uncles- an entire village needs to change our ways!


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