Stress and Excuses!

One of the many issues with stress is that we often make excuses.  We will defend a man that means us no good to keep him.  We will say at least I have a job but stay where we don’t need to be and no longer serves us.  We will continue to over eat but make the excuse that we are too fat and all of other issues that come along with that. We need to do one thing today and that is stop the excuses.

Life is already hard than to continue in the wrong thing just for the sake of excuses. When you find yourself justifying things and making excuses those are the very things we need to change or eliminate altogether from our life.  We start the top of our year making promises to ourselves but won’t keep the simple promise of balancing our lives as key.  We usually spend more unnecessary time worrying about the things we actually can change. Change  starts from within.  You usually accept things from people from two points-need and want.  You don’t need that woman’s husband you just want him.  You are comfortable telling yourself that as a side piece you offer an invaluable gift to him.  Really?  The gift of sex, that’s not special to him he has a wife.  Just because he told you she won’t do and you hopped in and did, you still at the end of the day aren’t the chosen one.  I know to many this will sound off but in my house we told it like it is and your vagina ain’t that golden that it will cause a man to lose his family over it.  Most men actually stay with their wives.

Excuses are like leeches, once you start making them you have to keep it up to hide behind them.  Think about any excuse you made this week.  You know the I can’t work out because I’m too tired, I cant look for a new job because I don’t have time, I can’t find a new place I don’t have any money, I can’t leave Willie alone cause I love him…..

The excuse allows you to be comfortable.  However you are miserable.  You don’t want to step out and literally step up and work out.  You don’t want to look for a new job because you are scared and nervous.  You don’t want to find a new place because it makes you have anxiety, and Willie, well Willie and you been this way for so long why change it?  Why change? Why do anything but complain like a broken record.  Just sit there and when the new year comes along re-add it your list.  When the 6 month mark comes be even more depressed over YOUR choices.  We know that isn’t the answer. Working hard, pushing and saying no are the only way you are going to knock excuses out the park.

Ever read a phenomenal story.  Its about someone with limited to no resources making things happen in their lives and community and you sit thinking man I could be that person.  What is the difference between them and you?  They got up off their do nothing and with fear in the back of their mind, with negative balances in their account, with pain in their eyes they made it happen.  They had nothing to lose but everything to gain.  You have to make the decision that YOUR time is today.  I would rather die trying than living defeated day in and day out.  Make it up in your mind to end the stress of the unknown by taking what is known and making lemonade with your lemons.

So what will it be?  Excuse after excuse or an action plan?  Don’t say well at least I made a plan but I will do it tomorrow.  NO!! Today and everyday you need to be doing something off of your to do list to reach your goal.  So that means taking action in every area of your life everyday.  As you do that the more you do the more you will want to continue to do.  Do you have a vision board?  People parish for the lack of knowledge.  Be visual and intentional in seeing the goal and making it happen.  Make a list everyday, get it done and cross it off.  What will you do today?


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