Now yesterday I wrote about hoe miles.  No that’s not a typo.  Catch the blog if you missed it.  For the ones who obviously read the blog and still was in an uproar I say roar on.  It amazes me the words that we choose to get upset over and break down about.  Clearly if you read the blog I wasn’t uplifting being a hoe.  Reading is fundamental.  I was simply talking about our past and let’s be honest there are a laundry list of past lives that many of us has led that could have been used.

Now let me also say that it proved my point when I said that folks work themselves over about petty things.  I got at least 5 emails and 2 messages about the blog.  Thanks for reading them that lets me know you are paying attention.  My husband doesn’t find my blogging disrespectful nor does he think yesterday’s blog was out of line. Me blogging about helping someone get over the very thing you are writing me about confirms that yesterday’s blog was on time and needed to be said.  If by some reason you need the type of blog that is stuffy and politically correct, you may want to keep scrolling.  I’m not against difference in opinions at all.  I think it makes for one hell of a debate.  What I won’t debate is me being my authentic self.  I blog about numerous topics.  Every blog have come from my heart and because you are stuck on the word hoe its an issue.  Its going to be an issue for you to get over.

I always make disclaimers because we live in a world where everyone is so super sensitive until you hit a sore spot or one of your secret sins than its an issue.  Think about the world we live in today where everything can be debated online and in forums.  I for one was captain of my debate team at one point so I don’t shy away from an argument and can hold my own in most cases.  Please learn to live YOUR life on YOUR terms.  My marriage should never come into question over a blog.  If there is something that offends you than you are most likely going to have to be offended.  I’m not taking the post down, deal with it.  You are probably the one that the post was supposed to hit, make you uncomfortable, and cause you to push for change.  Change the way you deal with the ones you encounter daily. Change how you look down on people but have the same or even worst little secret sins no ones knows about outside of you and God.  That’s where change starts from the inside out and not in my email.  Email me with a disagreement is fine, but leave my personal marriage up to me, my wonderful husband and God.  In case you didn’t realize that’s where the commit was made.  I’m not here to flash around a certain type of relationship to make yours feel better.

Now to my last little tea about the blog that I was messaged, no I do not think that having a child outside of marriage makes you a hoe, society does.  Your family members who quietly whispers about you having another baby with a man you aren’t married to.  Your friends who are preparing another baby shower for you but secretly talk behind your back. I know its not just me who have dealt with this.  I in no way judge folks who have a child out of wedlock when 2 of the 3 of my kids were born out of wedlock.  This society is the ones that’s messed up.  Yes having a child out of wedlock isn’t ideal.  If me or the numerous other women who have done so are hoes, then like I said my hoes miles don’t have an expiration date but your petty misguided had a baby years ago and don’t know who the father is self is too.  Please stop with the religious bashing with me.  I grew up in the church my whole life.  I know what the Scriptures say but just because you and Sis. Jenkins is married now, help the younger ones instead of throwing stones.

Disclaimers are really for the fickle and the ones stay clutching their pearls over petty stuff.  In real life we women and men just learn to deal and move forward.  If it wasn’t for the world we lived in word choices wouldn’t be an issue.  Now if you email me about your disgruntles at least you know my full stand.  I really do welcome disgruntled folks but leave my personal marriage or kids out of it unless I specifically blog about them and then maybe we can talk.  Outside of that, let’s continue to keep it classy and yes all of this blog is a read for you sip on your tea with.  You may want to read the blog just to catch yourself up but in reality no hoes was harmed in the writing of this or the original blog.  Enjoy your day.


2 thoughts on “Disclaimers

  1. I’m all the way here for it! It’s your blog, keep doing what you doing! Only hit dogs bark. And most dogs barking don’t ever bite! It’s easy to be a social media thug!

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