Equal Pay for Goodness Sake

I am the queen of days and today is no different.  Normally I would greet each day with happy….

Today this isn’t a day about happiness until change takes place.  Ladies, calling each and everyone of my ladies today, how do you feel about equal pay?  I mean think about it I debate this with so many often but the reality is if I put a woman with the same degree, same experience, why does a man get paid more?  Does his member between his legs guarantee he will do a better job?  Why are we as ladies having to fight so hard to get our coins?

Its so old now having to fight just to provide for our families.  The other stigma is that we end up either being in poverty and that’s before we started accounting for race.  So then when I hear other women looking down on other fellow women it bothers me. I’m not one for high fiving the women who have to do some strange things for change but in this male driven society I understand it.  Don’t look for me to put on some clear shoes and get on the pole but I know plenty of my college friends who are about this {} close to making some things happen.  Between student loans, car payments, bills to live, and God forbid you have to take care of someone you are doomed.  Not really but that’s how it feels.  So for the men who get upset at these very real life occurrences please miss me with it today.  We need to close the pay gap up and fast.  It would be nice for women not having to stay in raggedy marriages especially the ones with abuse because she’s a home maker and even with her best intentions would need to rely on that same man or government assistance to feed her family.  These are the stories of women who are struggling everyday.

Now are there women out here defying the very odds?  Everyday.  How about we close the wage gap so that she can use that energy to do something else.  The wage gap is the defining moment between better health care, better education, etc.  Do not fool yourself to thinking that we just want more money to buy shoes and makeup.  Why else do you think we in America of all places are still having kids at school hungry?  Yep please add the wage gap into that argument.  I feel very passionate about the equal pay agenda.  I for one when I became a stay at home mom and then went back in the force was working for people who were borderline millionaires but that didn’t always correlate to increased pay for me.  Let me not sound ungrateful because I’m not but these are the facts.  We need to make sure all of us women and men are able to make better lives for our families and ourselves.  Maybe we can get more people coming into their jobs happy about what they do instead of praying themselves into the door more. Maybe we can get some folks happy about where they are when they can pay a few bills instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  So although today is Equal Pay Day, there’s nothing happy about it.  Please be the change you want to see especially my small business owners who have the ability to make a difference in the lives of the people you service.  Do better today!!!


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