Ask Toi: Is it okay to ask guest to clean up after themselves?

Yes and no.  If we are talking about if they spill something than yes.  If you have a guest that comes over I don’t think its fair to ask them to clean the shower when they get out. I’m sure some will think I’m wrong and that’s okay but at the end of the day when you have guest over to your home you assume some responsibility.  I have had guests come over and cleaned the bathroom after them without even questioning.

When guests come over I clean prior to their arrival and after they leave so for me its a no brainer. Now if I was with someone like my best friend’s house I may clean it just because of our relationship and knowing how she is.  By the way before folks try it we have an easy relationship nothing about a bathroom would cause an issue. Again it really should come down to treating guest like guest. I would enjoy them and go with the flow. Always have them respect your home and rules.  If cleaning up in that capacity is a rule have that conversation with them prior to their coming.  That will allow them to decide if they want to stay with you in the first place or get a hotel.  I love to let my guest breath a bit and even with how high strung I am about cleaning things up I’ve yet to push my issues on others. However end of day it’s your home, your rules and if someone wants to visit they need to abide by them no matter what.


Good luck with your house guest!


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