When date night turns into a lesson and an awakening

So on a rare occasion that my husband and I get to go on a date night when it happens we definitely enjoy it.  My husband got us tickets to see a diversity dance show. It also was a great way to support friends who was in the show as well.   The show was comprised of various dance studios from different backgrounds in ethnicity as well as different dance styles.

I was so excited to go and support friends.  During my friend’s piece by LMD dance studio,  Healing, I was blown away.  I’ve been around and in dance and theatre productions almost my whole life. I haven’t seen a piece so moving in a long time. I won’t go into all of her piece in detail because my words won’t do it justice.  Let me give you what I took from it.

Healing for me is about getting past and through hard times.  Its not even about circumstances but about being aware of your inner being while pressing through.  I needed LMD’s piece as I’ve been on a path within myself to let go of some anxiety, fear, and become more  aware of myself. I had tears in my eyes as the piece let me know I was okay within my skin.  I am enough with all of my flaws.  I am enough with all of my quirks.  I am enough on my low and high days.  Self love is more important than anything I will ever do or achieve.

My friend’s voice over the music had almost preached as well as taught me the very message of letting go.  I’ve been in church my whole life and it was the moment I was awakened. I sat next to my husband and was vulnerable.  He sees the real me daily.  I felt like when I left that room I left a lot of negativity there.  I became more willing to embrace myself.  I didn’t look different or act different but i definitely felt different.  The piece was the beginning of this healing journey.

Let me encourage you to take it as well.  It won’t look like mine.  I don’t know what you are going through or already been through.  Its about being whole. Taking back pieces of you that you give too freely to others who don’t deserve it.  We open ourselves up too many times to allow others to rob us of happiness, joy, and contentment. Open yourself to hearing messages in the strangest of places.  Healing can take place everywhere even when you don’t speak.  I learned this weekend that my healing also can come from places where I no longer want to pay people back for what they have done.

Where are you broken today? Do you know you will have to drop the charges at some point? Do you know where you are headed will need you to be at peace with yourself? What are you doing towards your healing? It may mean stopping communication from the external forces or people.  It may mean letting go or moving forward. Awaken yourself to be whole, better, wiser, stronger, etc.  Realize that most of your healing will come from the inside.  This will mean that while you look for others to fix it, make it right, ultimately you alone bear the burden.

Enjoy this song from Kelly Price…



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