Spring Fun: Road Trip Chronicles

First I want to say that I’m praying for Houston.  The flood waters are literally doing too much.  My prayers is that you will continue to be safe as this natural disaster takes place. As we gear up to welcome on the warmer weather we need to prepare for some road trip chronicles.

Road trips are a place of fun if you have the right traveling partners.  It can save money as you are able to split the cost with the roadies for things such as gas, tolls, etc.  One of the benefits of a road trip is sight seeing.  Its not like when you are on a plane, you are able to really take in the world.  So this is the time to get your calendars burning with a trip or two.  Now I know not everyone has a car or has the ability to just jump in a car, but if you do take advantage.  When I was growing up my parents would just take us to random places.  We would see different parts of the areas we lived in or we would visit a new city and make a new adventure.  With this mindset, you can really take a step away from the same old, same old.

Here a few things to consider before gassing up your car:

  1. Car Maintenance-please invest in making sure your car is properly serviced. Its not the time to go on the road without it. Make sure you have a licensed mechanic check your vehicle for everything from tires, to brakes, to oil changes.
  2. Money-Keep emergency money that is separate from what you plan to spend. Remember that accidents and unexpected events can take place at any given time.
  3. Music-Know those riding with you and make sure you have enough tunes for everyone.  Break out a little old school.  Road trips bring out the old stories and flashbacks so flashback with the music as well.
  4. Snacks-It’s a total road trip kill not to have snacks that all like.  Try to pack what you think you will consume.  Have a little fun.  Pack a few extra indulgence too.
  5. Great travel buddies-This should have been number 2.  It is a bummer if you have to travel with sour faces for however long it will take.  You need people who bring a little something different to the table all in the name of fun.

Make it a great trip and plan.  You can either have a destination in sight or you can plan to meet up with others.  If you can plan at least one road trip and make some great memories.  Trust me you don’t know what you are missing until you get in a car.  I will taking a road trip very soon and I will most definitely be blogging about it soon.  Warm weather will make it easier to dust off the winter blues.  I for one plan on enjoying it all. So grab a few friends or family members and make a trip of a lifetime.  Travel somewhere you never been before or take a yearly trip and ditch the airline miles.  Have some fun and let the window down.


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