Dancerise or Die so I thought….

So I’ve really been on my journey not to just lose weight as I do NOT have a weight goal in mind. My goal is to look slimmer and be slimmer in my clothes.  I said that I would try some new things so I stepped my actual foot game up.  So I took a dancerise class with my friend Keisha.  Lakeisha is the director of LMD dance studio.  So to say that she’s already fit is an under statement.  She lost all of her pregnancy weight and then some and toned, chile she’s toned like no other.  So those pictures you see when others take such classes where they are all smiles and look like they did nothing-this wasn’t me at all.

She is my friend and after being called out on Facebook I decided to put excuses to the side and make it happen.  Keisha is also one of my daughter’s dance teachers as well. So I was feeling like how intense could it be?  Well, I found out the hard way that Mrs. Keisha plays no games.  She definitely earned every bit of her new body and if I going to earn mine I was going to have to work at it.  Now this class has her regulars but lucky for me I was the only one there.  I was super glad and in the back of my mind hoped she would go light.  Let’s just say she didn’t spare me not one bit.  By the end of the warm up I thought I had gotten my money’s worth and could go home.  She didn’t allow that.  After the warm up we did like a small dance routine.

I’m going to be honest.  There were several times throughout the 6 sets of dances that we did I had already mentally had my bag and water bottle and was on my way out the door. No lie.  I felt like I was going to throw up.  At one point I had to bow out keep moving, but she beckoned me back.  She really does have a way of talking to you to push but encourage you.  So with pain in my body, sweat pouring down, I tootsie rolled back over and finished the routine.  I really wanted to quit.  I’ve never felt that so intensely like I did during this class.  One even though I was by myself I thought I can’t do this.  I can’t just walk out.  I was pushed beyond my limits.  My everything was on fire by the time class was over.  I looked at Kesha and she looked like she had just walked around a bit.  No real sweat, no real dying look in her eye like mine. I then realized that her body was used to it and that even with defeat in my mind I finished and finished strong.  So I didn’t need to feel bad.  I got in my car and called my husband.  Thanked him for picking the kids up so I could go. Then I told him to pray my legs home.  I really wished I had used Uber.  It was that bad but in a good way.

So if you ever want to push yourself this is the time to do it.  I know that even though I wanted to quit I didn’t and that was all that mattered.  I was so upset for wanting to quit but nothing earned is going to be easy.  I thought about how I walk an hour a day and thinking of switching out some of the walks with some cardio.  I really need to be able to work out harder and better.  I plan on increasing more activity in my home as well.  So that means walks to and from the park and walks in our community with the kids too.  Might as well since they have twice the energy as I have.  I really got motivated even more than I already was.

If you are in the Philly area and need an intense work out that will be in an environment even for first timers, try Kesha’s dancercise class.  It is held every Thursday between 6:30-7:30pm.  Please bring a towel or yoga mat or something to lay on the floor.  Come ready to work out and bring a bottle of water as well.  The location is at Imhotep Institute Charter High School, 6201 N. 21st Street, Philadelphia PA 19138.  I hope to see you there, noodle legs or not I will be in attendance.  The cost is $10 and with 10 classes taken you will get the 11th one free.  So come on out, sweat, work out, attempt to quit but just know you are going to love every ache and pain.  It’s the start of a new you.  See you there!!


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