KFC Generation

I’m all for admiring those of the opposite sex.  I have a little celebrity list of men that definitely are some huge eye candy.  What I can’t understand is when we allow these celebrities, Instagram models, the sexy neighbor, etc. make you dissatisfied in your current relationship.

The argument that you are just looking isn’t a bad argument until you continue looking and you then begin to do the most.  This is one KFC generation.  We watching for more ass, breasts, and thighs more than the chicken company itself.  Look at your timeline on any social media outlet.  You see more folks who will high five sex and sexiness and then throw shade at couples who are trying to make it.

And let’s not confuse the adoration of couples because of what we see when 9 times out of 10 we have no idea what that couple may go through.  We have got to do better to allow men and women outwardly show love.  We make it hard for others who just want to show love, hard.

There’s a fine line from admiration but when you allow it to make you disconnected from your mate you have a problem.  If you were with someone who had no sun and happiness on their face but perked up at the very sight of another person how would that make you feel?  Men and women too busy being stimulated by those they will never even have a chance with but pay no attention to the one they lie next to.

How much water are you giving your relationship? Are you constantly doing the little things? Do you even smile at the mention of their name? Are you really content or just merely there.  I know plenty of couples mulling around just for the sake of the kids.  They been chasing around the next one and the disconnect is only allowing the existence of tape to hold things together.  We all know how old tape works, eventually it will not hold.

The lack of investment into real relationships needs to step up.  We make everything and everyone a relationship goal.  With a goal it takes work.  So what work are you putting in.  If your man doesn’t make you weak with passion what have you done.  How long you gonna continue like that until someone with what you think is better comes along? Fellas, does your woman make you not want to wait for the check?  You know that time where when she wore the right dress that made you have to adjust yourself at the restaurant? Water the garden.  Put in the work.  Separate some of the extra disconnect into something real. Stop paying more attention into someone else’s mate, girlfriend, husband,  boyfriend or single situationship that ain’t even for you.  This is another thing if you are no longer willing, how much longer is your mate supposed to hold on?  He or she can’t fight alone.  I’m all for putting my sleeves up and fighting but after awhile you end up fighting air and nothing can come from that either.



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