Don’t Let the “Lemonade” Trip You

I absolutely loved Beyonce’s “Lemonade.”  She was serving it nice and cool and I was there for every sip.  I will not recap it because it literally was free all weekend long and unless you aren’t a fan or just didn’t care by now you would have read enough commentary on it.

There are a few lessons that we need to get real clear before you start grabbing bats. Beyonce had a lot of strong imagery of going through a broken relationship.  It was with repair but she took us through a walk that let’s be honest if you have EVER been cheated on have felt the same sense of pain and anger by which Beyonce highlighted.  Now in Lemonade its suggestive that Jayz may have cheated.  I don’t and neither do you know for sure.  What I do know is that after the Lemonade dropped if he considered it he would most definitely have to think twice.  As sweet and angelic we would like to paint Beyonce she definitely tapped into her don’t play me persona.  ALL women no matter how prim and proper you are have one.  If you have ever loved and loved hard you do.  Now let me be clear the next paragraph is for the rest of us realistic folks.  Don’t let lemonade fool you to start swinging bats and breaking your man’s stuff.

I can’t say I have never wanted to take a bat to the dome of my man’s head now or one in the past.  I have.  I have felt betrayal and wanted to get em back.  Some I have, some I just rolled right out on because it wasn’t really worth my energy.  If you gonna swing a bat like Mrs. Carter than you better swing with some intention other than just destroying his stuff. Women all around the world have been cheated on.  Its one thing to take a man back and work on attempting to make things work but after the 15 eleven times he does it and you stay that bat is for you not him.  I know, I know Beyonce got us all wrapped in our feelings. We feel like no man better even look at us sideways but Lemonade was about empowerment and making a stand.  If you not about letting a man know that you aren’t here for it and should he step out of line ready to walk, don’t do it.

Beyonce had a crew of folks helping her with this visual masterpiece.  Mess with a man’s stuff there will be no crew to help you.  So be careful in taking everything that Mrs. Carter does too literal.  I know women in my own circle right now dealing with some stuff.  As I watched I said to myself Lord don’t let them go off behind this.  I know some will and will stand by their actions and sadly some will and be left picking up Leroy a few more times before that light bulp comes on.  What the imagery did provide is not allowing anyone man or woman take you for granted. If you could summarize any complaint you have today especially if it deals with a relationship there’s a place where you have given too much too soon, given too much unnecessarily, or didn’t know your value.  All of these suggest that there is something YOU can do to fix YOU.  You will NEVER fix a man.  That’s not your job that’s God and his fight.  You can be proactive in setting some limits.  For my married women you too can set some limits even in marriage as well.  Don’t ever let yourself get so comfortable that you let things slide only to complain later.  Take stock in what YOU allow. Now I’m going back to listen to some more Lemonade but with some better understanding.  Don’t let the hype take you too far unless you can stand on the premise that you are done letting men who won’t do the right thing and become less of a woman that let’s it.


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