You Got This!

I know we are coming off all of the beautiful tributes to our moms all around the world. Let me clarify that Mother’s Day is a place of pain for so many.  It really is a sad week and there are so many who’s anxiety, stress were and still are at an all time high.  So with that being said, if you know of someone who seems less than themselves lately it could be a reason. Let me also address a question I received from a reader early this morning about mommy guilt over gifts that were purchased and given, its okay not to like all that you received but its not okay to mistreat others  behind it.  You are in control no matter how out of control your emotions are making you feel.

Silent screams need to be discussed this morning.  Why?  We are now back to our regular schedules and there are so many that are lost this morning, angry, and just upset.  They won’t express it because often times it will fall on death ears.  So they go along in life and hold things in and then when its not the right time often times they will bust.  They will go off.  They will say and do the wrong thing.  Its a bad time for hurting people.  I know really we should still ride the waves of happiness but reality is there are people dealing with forces in their lives they aren’t even sure about.

If you are finding yourself in the midst of silent screams this morning, please regroup.  I know its easier said than done but you must find something that you can focus on that brings you happiness and peace.  Yes its hard when the cares of life seem to only beat on you.  We all have had days and moments where we have felt secluded.  We feel like we are in a box knocking and the only one who can hear us knocking is ourselves.  Let me be real today, sometimes you are.  I know that wasn’t what I should say but its true.  We don’t let others in and so we are alone.  Sometimes when you do let others in you aren’t in any better shape.  This is what I do know that it will pass.  I know it looks like it won’t but it will.  Think about the most darkest place you were in before this.  Did you get through? Yes.  It was hard, and dark and painful but you got through.

Today is about saying I’m messed up today.  I can’t recover myself.  I don’t want to be bothered and I don’t feel like smiling but….. Yes that but is needed because there’s hope. When you quit altogether that’s when hope dies.  Today I am asking for you to refocus your hope. Refocus on something big or small that will make you smile.  Sometimes you have to hold on to that smile to make up for the rainy days you seem to be in. What I do know is that you are going to be your biggest motivator.  You have within you everything you need to make it through.  The biggest way to make fall is to come at your sense of hope and your sense of confidence.  Once your confidence is shaken you will allow self pity and all of the other negative thoughts over take you.  You are more than enough so walk in that today. You will find an answer as long as you seek.  Don’t get mad when the answer isn’t instant. Don’t get mad when the answer you seek isn’t the one you wanted.  Be content even when it hurts.  Trust nobody got you like you got you.  Believe that and move forward.  While you sit in pain others are smiling past you.  They haven’t vested the amount of hurt you have and it didn’t cost them anything.  I don’t know what your pain is costing you but I do know it will be a great reward if you align your responses correctly.  I do know that sometimes the blow feels worst than it is.  Sometimes that blow is the very thing to push you into where you were supposed to be and refused to go.


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