My Birthday Message

So today is the day-my born day.  I overheard a co-worker say that once you turn 28 you as a woman are to never tell your age.  I can see that.  I know of many women who after they turn 30 just stop putting it out there but seeing that my great grandmother made it 95 I see no need to conceal my age.  Today my twin and I are 35.  Yes I have a twin and no we don’t look alike but we are twins.  I love my sister.  We are close.  We love hard and we fight hard.

So today I want to go back and then share some things I’ve learned about myself.  For one when my sister and I were growing up we used to get into the normal sibling rivalry.  Well one day my mom got tired of it and said that if we fought again she got next.  Well lets say it never got to that level because who wants to fight they momma and you know she can take you?  My mom instilled in us that my twin and I was all we got.  We had to understand come hell or high water, we were a unit and we must learn to move as such.  We still get into it but not at the level as we did back then.  My sister and I have had some heated debates but who hasn’t?  One thing that hasn’t changed is that we love each other and have each other’s back.  I will not  tolerate not one person saying anything about my sister and anyone who knows me knows that.  I support my sister a lot of times behind the scenes.  The reason is that’s how I am in general.  I don’t need everyone knowing what I do for others because I do not need an applause.  This has caused issues in the past with outsiders questioning my level of love for my twin.  We can’t get any closer than sharing a womb together.  When I was in an accident in 2001 my twin knew immediately before I even called her.  You can’t get in between the two of us.  The bond is strong.

As I got up this morning a case of the blues attempted to get to me.  I didn’t want to get up and face the day.  I do not think I’m old by any means it was just the sheer principle. When I think over the many times God has kept me and my sister I had to get up and shake myself.  I literally have been at death’s doors many times.  I am honored to be here today. So in good #toibration fun I will celebrate this day instead of ;letting the blues get to me.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  I made up #toibration to celebrate from the 1st of May until today.  I have done one thing each day for myself that made me smile or happy.  I will continue this.  I hope my twin is having an awesome day.  I’m glad to have the support of family and friends.  I’m glad to a blogger as it allows me to express myself in some creative ways.  I’m just happy for love and life.

I have some more goals that I’m actively working on and I can’t wait to reveal them.  Until then let’s continue to grow together!


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