Is Your Want To Broke?

Well, well, well its one of those days where I feel like I can literally float on water.  It’s that good of a day.  I’m glad about that.  I was talking with my mom this morning and the conversation of if our want to was broke.  Now we weren’t talking about ourselves but the reality when you think about it applies across the board.  When your want to is broke it’s not a matter of can’t it’s a matter of won’t.

What do you do if your want to is broke. I would love to be deep and make up so many different scenarios and lists because that’s what I do, but when your want to is broke, you make yourself do.  I know, I know I was supposed to insert a cute little word choice that was going to inspire but I’m fresh out of it today.  You got to get up off your behind and get it done.  Let me guess, your resources are limited? Join the club.  You will most likely not have enough of anything to do much with.  The folks that have the greatest testimonies are the ones that do with nothing.  Trust me it can get done.  Whatever you are facing it can be changed but it’s going to take you getting your want to fixed.

Your want to has a lot to do with your inner struggle.  We all love and crave companionship.  Even if you don’t want to be tied down to anyone in marriage you still want another pair of legs in that bed with you sometimes.  But the truth of the matter even with the desire of companionship which goes well above relationship, sometimes you won’t have someone to walk in every area of your life with you.  Newsflash even if you are married there will be many times when you will have to do some things alone.  No one person was designed to be your everything.  Sorry to have to be the one to bust your bubble but your mate don’t even want to be your everything.  Let’s break up that misconception right now.  I had to learn that lesson the hard way.  We are programmed that to think that we have to someone helping us every step of the way and then we face these alone times we get scared, frustrated, angry, and sad.

Fix your want to.  Turn it on.  Wake it up.  Shake yourself.  Life is hard.  I’ve fallen on more hard times than good at least in my mind.  I have had moments where I felt so defeated that I felt that if I made no adjustments life would adjust itself.  Guess what I found out?  It will adjust but just adjust around me.  I wasn’t going to be saved.  I wasn’t going to be rescued. I was going to be just another person with goals and dreams stunting my own growth.  We all get in a funk.  If you live long enough you too will find yourself in a funk but if you take one step, then you will see you can take two.  All it takes to wake up your want to is to make a plan and work the plan.  Yes you can’t simply write the words down. You need an action plan and then even after that you must do.  Get an accountability partner. This is someone who calls BS when you aren’t moving. This is someone who isn’t going to say you are alright.  You need someone who says hey did you, when did you, and then say you better do.  We all need someone who pushes us.  However don’t get too carried away with your partner. Your partner has a life too.  They are pushing too so your want to needs to be fixed so you can push yourself when your partner gives out.

Fix your want to today.  You can’t afford another moment lost to your pity party.  You can’t miss another moment with your tears.  Bring your tears as you make moves.  Tears is cleansing and we all need a good cry.  But after a while you need to wipe your tears and move.  Let’s move. No more excuses today.  Wake up your want to.  Oh and by the way often times you hide your want to with I can’t.  Stop giving can’t life.  Can’t doesn’t hide well when your want to is awaken.  Kill cant with your want to and will.  Half the battle is in your mind.  You will fight that battle often.  The best thing you can do is keep going. Find someone going in the same direction that you want to be in and learn from them. They will tell you that the struggle is worth it but it will cost you something.  Nothing in life is free.


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