Count me In

Okay so here we are again on another Monday and of course I spent the day enjoying family and friends. Its now time to enter the work week and began goal writing.  One of the things I am grateful for is being open to good people.  I’ve never pretended to be the type to have it all together.  I enjoy that life is full of curves and uneasiness.

The one thing that I know to be a real struggle for a lot of people is perception.  That’s another word for caring about what others think.  If you have it altogether in this area, kudos to you but for the rest of us who find ourselves struggling to make sense in life this can be a real issue to get through.

I come from a small town.  I went to a fast food chain where a girl I went to junior and senior high was manager.  When she saw me she seemed to dodge me.  I asked myself why is she acting like that but the answer was clear as I got closer.  She said I know this isn’t a glam job.  My response was simple.  If you getting money and taking care of your family how you do it as long as it’s legal don’t matter. I asked her if I paid her bills.  She looked puzzled.  I said then how you pay your bills don’t matter to me.  When I saw her I was ready to say congrats.  She was more worried that I would think less of her.

We all have been my friend.  She wasn’t someone I would hang out with simply because we went our separate ways since graduation.  However she seemed to let anxiety take over her.  I do not have a dollar towards her life but in that moment she cared if I would see her as a disappointment and I didn’t.  How many of us live in fear of others?  We care so much about if someone will approve our lives that we don’t live the best life for us.  One thing I learned after so many mistakes and wrong paths is that people are going to be people.  You will never measure up to individual measuring sticks.  When I see anxiety come in and its due to being around folks who don’t or can’t add to my life I think about that absolute worst experience I have had.  When I think about it, that one example helps me count on one hand of the ones who supported me through.  One of those in the number was myself.  So I’m not interested in counting myself out.  I’m not interested in giving power to people who when chips are down will be the same whispering negativity my way.  I’m not interested in fake friends who don’t believe in my vision.  I’m not interested in people who don’t see the value in what I bring to the world.  Remember you too have value so take your power back from people who in reality aren’t really in your circle. Change your vision and refocus the lens.

Whether you are serving fast food or a high level executive in a big company, keep in mind you don’t have to let others sway you.  Keep your mind and wits about you.  I can’t say I will never be faced with difficult people who appear to care about if I am who I need to be.  I am what I need to be at the moment that I am because I am.  I don’t need to make myself more when I’m working with less.  My less is more than I need to make things happen.  If my less needs more, than more will come to me because I’m open to change.  I believe someone will be able to speak to me and even if I don’t like it I will receive it.  I believe that more of whatever internal strength will come because I’m open to it.  You are more than enough.  Believe that.  Don’t count yourself out trying to be more to others.   Be who you are to others whomever is supposed to be in your life will stay when the trees of life shake.



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