I hate to bust that bubble!!

Well it’s June.  Yay!  Summer will officially be here before you know it, but before we cue in the ice cream truck and summons the bathing suit gods, let’s talk a little reality.

Let’s start with going back to January 1st.  You remember that day?  Yup it was about six months ago when you made all of these promises to yourself.  Did you break them? Maybe? Yes? Well good thing you follow the blog so we can give you a gentle nudge and get you on track.

Speaking of tracks if you promised you were going to eat better but you haven’t that needs to end now.  Think about it.  I know summer comes with fairs and good food but there’s no better time than now to eat better.  Eating better isn’t a bunch of bad foods and a diet soda.  Its not eating one piece of fruit with fried foods. It’s learning to eat the right foods and replace the foods you love with healthy alternatives.  Some of this is going to require some renewing of your mind and a little push back from the table.  Yes there are no food minions it’s called will power.  We got to get you some.


If you said you we’re going to reach out to friends and family but the most you have done was liked a photo on Facebook then we got work to do.  I have made it my business to actually do something some would call ancient.  What was that?  I picked up my phone and actually made a phone call or two.  Gasp.  Who woulda thunk it? Phones actually call people.  Yes use your voice not just your texting fingers to communicate.  Love on a few folks.

If you said this is my year to find a job but all you have done is complained about your petty boss, then you got work to do.  I’ve had raggedy bosses before.  I’ve had great ones too, but the world doesn’t serve those who don’t put in work.  Take the time to put in applications, send in resumes, and network.  This is why not burning all bridges is necessary.  Finding a job is like a full time job within itself.  How much time you put in yet?  That dream job still hasn’t fallen from the sky, has it?  Let me know when it does.


The bottom line is whether or not you like it we are half way through with 2016.  I would hate for your shoulda woulda to come into play and another year to pass.  The guilt of not having made progress doesn’t have to fully stall you.  You have a choice.  Complain, make excuses but see how far that has gotten you? No really, how far?

What about your vision board.  You should be doing one thing on that board daily to make progress.  Goals are to be always on your mind.  I know we can lose focus in life so here is a small reminder.  Get up and get it done and don’t just start today.  Start now!!  Get it done!!



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