Mama Bear Doesn’t Play

So in this week I have been the most out of way since I found out I was pregnant in 2009. To say that this has been “one of those” weeks is a true understatement.  So let me tell you in the best way I know how and that is to write about it.

So last week my youngest contracted the infamous foot, hand and mouth virus.  If you have ever had a child get this or been around a child you know that its one of the most irritating sicknesses to have.  When we found out about her having it on top of her ear infection we pulled her out of daycare.  She was practically out for a full week.  So then fast forward to last Friday when my son gets it.  We took him to the doctors who stated that as long as he wasn’t having fevers that he could return and how common it was.  I had never even heard of it before.  So we took him out until Tuesday.  After we dropped him off we were called back to get him.  My husband was about 5 minutes to his job when he had to turn around.  How irritating but he got him.  Daycare stated he had to stay out until he had no visible signs of anything happening to him.  So we dove into parent mode and found a sitter to keep him.  We called the daycare to inform her that the girls would still be coming about 630pm.  At 1139pm I get a text message that states that your children are no longer welcome back at daycare.  Let me help you out, this was at 1139.  I don’t know where you live in your part of the world but most daycare facilities are not open to do tours and to get kids placed in.  We went into a brief panic.  I immediately told my husband let’s pray because God got us and this. Was I upset?  Um, most definitely.

How do you text a family at 1139pm?  Like not for nothing, how is that possible?  We have always been on time with payment as we do not get any assistance.  We have always followed her rules.  How do you text someone when you had the opportunity to say they couldn’t return at 10 am at pick up that day.  Even at the 630pm call that could have been stated but nope you go from it being okay to none of your children are welcome.  This is a common virus not someone who has AIDS or HIV and knowingly affects others.  This is a virus like any other virus.  When a child is at school and a virus goes around, do you expel the first child that shows symptoms?  No.  I can’t believe that a daycare facility would be this ignorant in how they operate.  SO yeah this is where we are with them.

The first thing I thought about was my kids.  We had been with the same daycare for over 3 years.  How can someone kick them out of daycare because other kids had contracted a virus. There was no way to say it came from my kids just because they were the first to show signs.  My oldest who lives with us obviously didn’t get the virus.  If 2 other kids got it just like kids viruses, they come and go.  One thing I have learned with putting kids in daycare is that it’s a cess pool of germs.  When my kids was home with me full-time they didn’t have these issues.  I thought about how attached all of my kids had been to the daycare. I thought about the growth they had experienced.  How hurt they would be when they woke up to have to literally change their schedules. I was devastated.  I don’t break easily but this moved me.  I had to tell my kids when they woke up and the looks on their face made the sting that much harder.  My son kept saying it was his fault since he got sick.  I had to reassure him that it wasn’t the case.  We never told him why he was kicked out we just kept it that its time for change and that change is hard.  I do not think kids should have to absorb adult issues and I refuse to allow that to happen now.

Now if you know me you should know that I do NOT play when it comes to my kids.  I have already made the necessary calls that I need to on my and their behalf.  I will let karma get her but whatever is in my power to do I will. I will not sit and idly let another person or business take advantage of anyone like this.  This was one of the most unprofessional things I have seen in quite some time. You do not do people like that and expect any good to come back your way.  I do know that she will get hers and I’m not wishing evil on her but it is what it is.  Karma gives you what you deserve.

Although the kids have someone keeping them temporarily so we can get through this work week, it’s hard to see how sad my kids have been when I pick them up.  I know kids bounce back like nothing after a while but they are kids and they have a right to be disappointed.  I can’t imagine what their little hearts are feeling since I know the anger that I feel now.  Trust me I know I will let it go that’s what I am supposed to do but that will come with time.  Once I get them in a place that they love then I will be relieved.  Until that time I am on edge everyday about their care.  I am a good mom and I do not belief in having kids just watched.  I need my children to have continued education stimulation with play. So we are almost at the breaking point of finding them care.  I am glad about that, but it still makes me sad that we had to do so like this.

Publicly I will not release the name of the daycare, but for the ones that have asked I have graciously given a very bad review of what we have gone through and some other little things that we have experienced as well.  Like I said this momma bear doesn’t play and I know in time that my kids will be back to their bubbly selves.  In the meantime we are just loving on them more and working through their anxiety as they transition.  The family will arise from this, but until then healing takes time.  My son’s scabs fell off the next morning after the 1139 pm text.  He is physically fine and that is a blessing.  For parents who may have found themselves in a horror story for daycare I get it.  This is the first time anything like this has happened to our family and it will be the last if I can help it.


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