Slipless Generation

Now I know before I even continue that I will get some flack about this blog.  I feel you should wear whatever you want.  The only momma I am to is my 3 little bundles of joy.  So for that reason alone let me make that disclaimer clear.  However, this is a generation that shows it all.  Now I am no prude but let me say there have been a full ensembles that make me do second takes.

I know I am showing my age here with this one but I can’t be the only one who remembers having to wear a slip under their dresses?  My parents were raised in the church and not having on a slip is like a curse unto God himself.  So I remember many a day my parents would send me back home no lie from church if they could see through my clothes.  I remember taking that walk of shame many a day because let’s be honest, as a teenager I thought no big deal right?  In the eyes of my parents and the church mothers I was dead wrong.  Now as a mom I look for dresses that have a little slip built-in.  Not just because I’m following my parents’ footsteps but just because I really want to make sure nobody can see anything.  I get it mom and dad I get it.  However let’s flash forward from the early 80’s and 90’s (insert cough) to the present where slips are not only optional but in style.

Most red carpets that you see have women gladly showing more and more skin.  Like I said I’m not prude.  I’m not wearing a choir robe to the beach.  Sorry church mothers, you were right holiness or hell but I choose to wear appropriate swim clothes to swim in instead of the shorts and t-shirts, smock and then a bathing suit under all of that.  So not for nothing no digs on anyone but some of the dresses even everyday dresses that are being worn is on team too much.  Now I get it sometimes with dresses slips actually draw more attention, but unless you wanted us to see the message call me on your butt because you wore printed panties instead of a good solid pair to blend in with your dress, than okay.  It appears that some grown women are forgetting the undergarment rules.

Shout out to Girl behind the blog on the following article:

Now I get that its socially acceptable to wear things with the bra showing which goes against the list that girl behind the blog gives, but let me say one rule that will never change, let the bra straps be clean.  Nothing is worst than seeing off white straps that weren’t meant to be off white or straps that look dingy because you are either one too lazy to care about what you got on, or at best didn’t do the wash in over 2 weeks.  Like momma said always wear clean undergarments in case you are ever in an accident.  Well it’s an accident to come out the house in dirty undergarments no matter how you slice it.  So please ladies I get it, skin is in but we got to do better to wear the right things at the right time.  Sorry nothing underneath doesn’t work all the time just because Rihanna gave you a past.  She didn’t, trust and believe me.



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