Month End: June was a good one!

I know the month doesn’t technically end until Thursday, but I am so super proud of myself.  I didn’t miss one social event this month.  I know cue in the corny bells but its major for me.  Being that I am usually spread so thin between work and my family its very easy for me to decline invitations because there’s simply not enough time to get it all done.

I had a lot of fun this month.  I was very intentional in making sure that I was in the right places at the right time.  I was able to see my daughter get bumped to the 2nd grade.  She’s super excited for what the new school year will bring.  Her teacher did a hands down awesome job being that she was a new teacher in the school and had to adjust.  I am proud of my oldest’s accomplishments.  I am looking forward to a new school year.  She also very well in her dance ensemble, Verve Danz this year.  This is her 2nd year of dance and in her first year she did a lot of looking around to get cues to when to do what she needed to do. Not this year. I have seen the major growth that she has made.  She is more confident and finally getting her dancer feet.

I spent some time one on one with my best friend.  People think that we are joined at the hip.  We are in some ways but when it comes to getting quality time its been forever. Maybe it just seems that way.  I have had a child for the past 7 years seemingly every 2 years.  So with my health issues surround just that alone its been hard outside of text and calls.  I think we text more than we call not because we don’t like each other but with little ears always around I don’t get into too many deep conversations.  I like to keep my home when the kids are up carefree.  We both have made a decision to step it up more.  We have been friends for like 20 years.  Through the ups and downs of life we have come out still liking each other.  She is now doing her cake business so if you need a referral for cakes, hit her up on Facebook at Miss. Sis. Bakery.  Yes that was a plug, like duh why wouldn’t I plug her.  As far as my other friendships, most of my girls live out-of-state.  I have made an effort to schedule in time to talk on the phone.  My goal is to talk once a month.  So far so good.  It’s hard to link up my schedules with them since they are far, but I’m working on getting some travel time to spend some one on one time with them as well.  I used to think that scheduling time to talk to people seemed so fake but it’s not. We are all super busy but we make time for what we want and if scheduling helps to keep it in my mind as much as it’s in my heart than so be it.

Oh and I can’t forget my dear friends that I haven’t seen in such a long time, the Tuckers visited us too.  I was so happy to be able to spend quality time with them and our kids. They found some old pics of us from college and we were all so young, skinny, and free. It’s nice to see how we have matured into working adults and parents over these last few years.  Friendships are almost like extended family.  I have known them since 1999 when we all embarked on that wonderful journey at Penn State.  We are!

I have seen some setbacks this month as well with my kids in regards to daycare.  I am glad to report that since my last blog, Mama Bear Doesn’t Play, the kids are in week 2 of the new facility.  It’s a little more money but its worth it.  Only a few minutes from my job and home so that’s a huge plus.  My youngest who is 2 is still crying as we drop her off but they have reassured me that she will adjust like the older two.  I feel like I can continue on my things now that they are on their way.  No woman can really be okay when your children are out-of-place.

I’ve also reconnected with a few family members.  I think family is a great thing when all parties are on the same page.  I think with family often times people take for granted what and how they treat you.  I can’t say that all of my family connections are tight but I think they are as tight as they are going to get.  I am a firm believer at this age and stage that respect is earned and as long as people remain respectful than I am good.  The second you step out and become an habitual line stepper in the words of Charlie Murphy, well than I got to step out the way.  No one is worthy of my peace and that’s real.

Oh and I reconnected with some new friends and worked out a lot.  I took the Soul Cycle class.  If you missed my blog on that, you have to go and read it.  Why?  I gave the most real review I could.  I enjoyed that work out and I am looking forward to adding a few more in the month of July.  If you know of some, please let me know.  They can be out of the box too, I’m not scared, I think.

This has been a good month for me overall.  I look forward to filling my calendar a little more.  Keep in mind that we are about to hit July.  For me that means that we are just about half way through the Summer.  Do not sit around waiting and waiting and then all of a sudden you look up and Fall will be here.  Take some time out to plan a few trips even if they are day trips.  Back to school and all that other jazz is coming. End the Summer with a bang.  What are you working on?  What is holding you back? Make the list and begin crossing it off.  People ask me all the time how do I get it all done and I say for me its multiple list.  I know we have phones and technology but I’m still old school with lists.  I make daily, weekly and monthly goals.  Breaking up bigger goals to get to the end point works.  You do NOT need to overwhelm yourself.  Oh and did I mention your girl got a raise at her job?! Nope but I did.  I can’t lend you a dollar yet but its going to help me to save more as I accomplish my goal of being a full-time blogger.  That’s the dream.  Until then I will be working my job to get to that goal.  One day at a time, and one dollar at a time and you will look up and I have more of an audience and began branding.



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