T-mobile Tuesdays!!!

Soooooo, I have seen the commercials lately about it but I didn’t fully catch on until….yesterday.  So if you are a T-mobile cell phone customer there are a few things you need to do.  One download the T-mobile Tuesdays app and play the game.  It’s available on goggle and iTunes.

Image result for tmobile tuesdays gif

I did this and yesterday got movie tickets, a small Wendy’s frosty, a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine, and a credit with Vudu.  Now I was a little apprehensive since I’m always on team save money about it but let me tell you it’s legit.  So with the T-mobile Tuesdays you have limited amount of time to use the gifts.  See the app for more questions, video in how to do it, etc. This is how T-mobile is giving back to their customers in their #Getthanked campaign.

Now for a mom of 3 who works full-time and blogs part-time, this was refreshing. I love the movies and I tend to go more in the Summer.  I was able to see the movie Me before You.  It was a refreshing evening to myself to do my thing, eat junk food, and relax.  Yes I’m still working out but balance is key.  I do not do a lot of me time things and this pushed me right into it.  Oh and free, well free is THE best.  It gave me no reason to back out and gave me hours of quiet moments, a beautiful love story, a few good tears, and fun.  I really felt like I was skipping school.  You couldn’t tell me a thang.  Between listening to adult music, shout out to Drake for his, Views from the 6 album that kept me rocking along the way, I felt like an individual instead of my kids mom and my husband’s wife.  We all need a little time to ourselves and I have to thank T-mobile for providing it for me.  If you want to get into the Summer mix and you are a Tmobile customer, I highly suggest you get into T-mobile Tuesdays. Did I mention there was a Wendy’s next to my movie theatre so can you say win?! I sure could.  Something about free that taste so much better.  Also shout out to my fellow Blogger Alanda of @Cocoamommy for the information!!


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