Blocked Blessings 

So it’s been a minute since I blogged.  So much going on in the world and I wasn’t able to clear my mind.  I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m ready to blog about the politics of it all just yet.  So as I was getting ready for the day, something came to me, blocked blessings.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with an associate.  She needed some clothes for her kids and I had her sizes. When I proceeded to tell her I would wash them and bring them to her, the atmosphere changed.  She stated how she doesn’t take other people’s leftovers. Now on principle it may make sense but what she was looking at as leftovers we’re blessings.  

If you pray for something you need and it comes to you, do you turn it away due to it not being packaged the way you want? If you do you don’t realize what you are turning away.  This young lady told me God is going to give her kids brand new. Hey who am I to question her faith. However I knew I wasn’t going to be the vessel to deliver it.  The clothes I had some of them were brand new with tags but she didn’t know because she wanted it another way.  

Well months later might have been a few weeks later she came back to me and asked for the clothes I had.  Sad part is I had given them to another family that needed it.  See you have to be able to respond correctly to the blessing immediately. If you are in need of something and it comes be gracious.  She would have noticed the new things with the gently used that would have kept her kids clothes for a full season instead of a few cute pieces for only a few weeks.  Be careful that you aren’t turning your blessings away.  

Someone else’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Except if it’s a spouse.  Don’t take someone’s spouse.  You aren’t going to be blessed.  Wait at least until that spouse isn’t married any longer. You know how the mindset is well he or she loves me more than their spouse. False.  If he or she is married even if they are separated, they belong to their spouse.  No good blessing will come in the long run.  Be blessed by doing things the right way.  


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