That’s Him

So today I went on a field trip with my kids at their daycare/camp.  I was super excited.  My husband usually goes.  So being a field trip newbie, my expectations were pretty low.

Now they had me in my son’s class where the kids are mostly 4 and a few 5 year old. I thought well I’m used to this age so I’m golden, right? WRONG. I didn’t take into consideration that meant my son times a thousand.  So it wasn’t a real thousand but it sure felt like it. So as you can expect that meant double petty fights and tantrums. By the end of the day I really enjoyed the experience but I really was grateful for my 3 even more.  

If you are a teacher or work in the daycare field, my hat goes off to you.  I’ve always had an appreciation for what you do seeing my sister has been in the field since we were 18. My appreciation for ya’ll dealing with multiple personalities, keeping order, and not using “adult” words is to be commended. I for one will continue to gladly stay in my lane.  If I was considering more chidden before I defintely would have dropped that notion after today.  Now I know what my childless friends feel when they see me with my kids.  It’s not that they are off the chain bad but it ain’t for the faint of heart. Today for the first time I felt faint.

At one point while having to deal with my son, I heard sirens and being we were near the DNC convention I paid it no mind.  My son then shouted its Obama.  I was already in full mom mode by this point and as the procession slowed down I looked and Obama and Michelle were waving in our direction.  Being that I have not visited the White House seeing them made me happy. It made the long day, the traffic, the melt downs and the accident we were in going back to the school worth it.

Oh and about the accident, the driver of the van service the school uses was on her cell actually both cells there and back.  She ended up hitting a car that was pulling out.  Oh and on top of that left the scene of the accident. Soooooo, yup you guessed it. I filed a report with the school and will review the hell out of the van service too.

I earned every bit of my “adult juice.”  I will be going on the next trip too but this time I will have made sure that I dip myself into a coffee pool and dip my brain into meditation mode.  Those 4 years haven’t seen the last of Mrs. Toi!!


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