Comfortability is the Devil!

So on this rainy Sunday morning I’ve been dealing with an issue.  I know, me right? Of course. Yesterday I had a bad day.  Not folks working on my nerves type of day, but a true to life bad day where you have to rethink life choices type day.

I went to work on a Saturday which I never do. Got into a conversation and it set my day and set the tone.  I won’t go into too much detail about the conversation just yet, but I will give some take aways.

I had to take a step back several times.  I can be nice on the surface but petty in my delivery.  I’m fully aware of it.  So when the conversation was taking place, I could see pettiness taking over.  The general jest is that I have to stop waiting on others to do things for me.

I am a person who can do things on her own but if I feel like I shouldn’t have to them it sets me in a mood. My tolerance is high for arguments and disagreements but once a peak is hit I retreat.

I went to church but it didn’t do much to help me in that moment.  One I wasn’t in a receptive mood.  I’m aware that God isn’t going to push past my will. So I just prayed. I prayed that I would get it together.  I evidently did, hours later.

So while on my social media vegetation I came across a video that changed my bad day around.  In the video the young lady said that we set the tone for how others treat us and how we allow our emotions to control us.  She said basically snap out of it. We have to keep pushing. It wasn’t as if the message was so super profound, it was just what I needed to let my thug tears dry up.  I spent the whole day complaining. I was angry and bitter for something I have to actually do.  I can be mad and say what should have taken place, but at the moment it didn’t bring me results. I could be in my bag about a lot of things but….I was still stuck like chuck.

Comfortability is the devil.  It allows you to treat yourself less than stellar.  You start slacking on the big and little things.  I tend to fall into ruts when I let comfortability in. I’m not as sharp as I need to be.  I get “happy” but not content.  As I looked at how my spirit was interacting with others I took a step back. I got focused and literally organized my week and month.  Wrote down my goals and this month I’m going to be more into intentional in what I need.  If I need to see beauty around me, I’m going to create it.  If I need love I’m going to love me first.  If it’s flowers I’ll stop and make me a bouquet. It’s the simple things and as I continue others will catch on around me.  If they don’t I will be fine.  I can make more happen by seeking results instead of seeking emotional agreements where it never even existed in the first place.


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