Just for fun,  pet peeves!! 

I am the type that has love for a lot of things.   I’m super into holidays,  I love love, etc. But I do have a little dislike list if you will.  In no particular order here they go:

1. Lateness

Yes I know life happens.  It does.   I have 3 little people under the age of 8 so anything can happen,  but there’s a fine line between life happening and you just a habitual late person.   It could be my dad’s military training but 15 minutes before time is on time and on time is late.   If you are a naturally late person than kudos as long as it doesn’t affect others.  You know you have an issue when you can’t be on time for work, church, or your own funeral.

2. Not calling before you visit 

No you’re not surprising just me but yourself.   Again I have little people to look after and coming over with not even a bat signal or pigeon read just doesn’t work.  I no longer can live my life being spontaneous.  I would love to throw caution to the wind but that’s not how my life is set up.   I got planners on type of planners. I let it rain on time, but respect mine.   You don’t know if my kids are sick, if we don’t want to be bothered or just have plans.   Call first or best send a text and see if we are in the clear.  There are times when we aren’t guest ready.  I may not have cleaned or grocery shopped for that matter so a heads up works.   

3. Open hands 

This is for the ones that always want to eat up your food and drink your liquor but don’t ever come bearing gifts. It’s hard to feed a family of 5. So if you coming with yourself or a crew and you ain’t never got nothing to add,  now you taking food from me and my little peeps and we got issues.  It’s always the ones that don’t ever invite you to their spot but seem to come at dinner time waiting to see what you made.  Bring a chicken wing and a bottle.
4. Sloppy dressing 

Now on my off days because we all have them I may look a little less than my absolute best, but there are the ones that you think you can hear them deep breathing as they walk towards you.  The look like they were locked in a tower their whole lives.  They got nerve to say girl I just got this from…and I’m like girl take it back.   Just stop. Dress like you at least loved yourself.  Or the ones that wear clothes 2 sizes too big not because that’s all they got but because they have to be hiding whole humans under their attire. Depression and I’ve been there will have you looking straight zombie. Once you come out first thing is to hook yourself up.
5. Overly cursing women

I am not about to say that I don’t have a potty mouth. However there’s a time and place.  I don’t curse in certain arenas or in the presence of my kids. You walking down the street and you hear a woman cursing so bad it makes you pull the anointing oil or even some Crisco from your purse for a prayer session.  We get it you grown but really grown folks tailor their conversations appropriately. Do better.  It’s like some rap songs that add curse words where the clean ones would have done just fine.  

6. Folks selling wolf tickets 

Now this one I got from my mom but it works. These are the folks stay throwing shade or threats and then when you see them they do the matrix to avoid you.  Didn’t you just say you got me on deck? I’m not one for advocating violence but thou shalt not throw shade if you can’t throw hands.  It’s real out here.   I remember my mom being sick as a dog and someone close to us threw hands.  Next thing my mom had flipped them over.  As you can see my mom knew what she was talking about. People always talk a good game until it’s time to produce. Don’t say something you can’t or won’t back up.   It’s just wasted breath one and two you could write a check your behind can’t cash.  Oh and if you speak ill of someone and you know it’s going to get back than take it on the chin. Don’t back peddle.  I can respect what you said even if I don’t agree if you hold your own in repeating it.  It’s only when others insult your intelligence and try to take it back. 

7. Overly hype folks 

I know there are hype men and women but they get paid. If you not on someone’s payroll then calm down sometimes.  You get all worked up at the first sound of danger and we all know you got sneakers on ready to run.  Learn to calm down and see about a matter first. 

I could go on but I won’t. Trust and believe I’ve encountered all of these pet peeves in my lifetime.  We got to do better.   I know I’m not the only one whose list looks like this. 


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