Dreams can be messages!!

So how often do you dream?  Not just the type of dreams where you write down your heart’s desire.  I am talking about the type of dreams where you lay down and visions come to you.  Often times if I am dreaming it’s about little quirky stuff and most of them I do not remember.  However this past weekend that wasn’t the case.

I had something on my heart and mind and it had been bothering me all day.  So when I went to sleep I expected the same as I’ve always had and that was just to go to sleep and nothing more and nothing less.  This weekend I had a dream where I was visited by influential people in my life who all had a message about self-preservation.  I mean it was vivid and I can still remember all of the details and specifically the conversation.

The dream wasn’t about how I can get another person back but how to get me back on track.  I don’t feel as if I have fallen off the wagon but I do know that I have had severe moments of allowing my environment to dictate my attitude.  The whole house can then be subjected to how I feel.  So in the dream the message was simple, find out what is making me unhappy and deal with it.  Don’t deal with it to evoke change in the other person but deal with things that will evoke peace in my personal life.  We all have moments where we allow the lack of change we see in others to deter our spirits when in reality we need to be the change we want to see.

This message can be applied all over in so many different ways.  Stop allowing others to move you to the point where you give them the very ammunition to be able to say the negative things that you actually do.  For instance stop allowing others to pull on you to the point where you have an adult tantrum.  Then get mad and say well they are judging you.  No.  They aren’t judging you.  You are showing them your behind because you couldn’t get your way.  You have an ugly disposition about you.  You are all ruffled up over things you can’t even change, just stop.  It’s time to keep your sense of wit.  It’s not easy to allow things around you to happen and feel like you have no control.  I know I am a control freak but that makes others around you feel a certain way.  Do not keep allowing people to change your atmosphere.  You really can’t control everything but there is one person that you can and that person is in the mirror.  You can control your responses.  You can control your attitude.  You can control how you interact with others.  You got you.  Oh by the way I definitely felt a thousand times better when I woke up.  I had fallen asleep on the couch which is not what I would have generally been happy about except I felt so super rested that it didn’t matter.  I wanted to do the running man after gettting the very answers and how to proceed in my life.

I swear to you when I woke up from that dream I thought I was in a total different location. It was so super real to me.  However it was all a dream in my Biggie voice.  That dream was one of the most defining moments in my life this week. It is the drive that will get me to complete a few goals.  What do you have answers for?  Where do your answers come from? If you are open often times, the answer are right inside of you.  You know the answers it’s just a matter of making it happen.  What are you going to do?


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