Back to School..

So I am really enjoying all of the awesome pictures of the kids going back to school.  I know some of the southern schools have started almost a week or more ago. Back to school can be hard when you have had nothing but fun all summer long. We covered the adult kids aka the college kids but we still have the rest of the kids that are articulating back now and in the upcoming weeks.

My oldest is going into the 2nd grade.  We have been having her read and get work done. She’s been doing work on a grade or 2 higher than where she should be.  It’s a great thing as her mind wants to learn.  The drawback to it is that she is a 2nd grader where her focus is all over the place.  We are constantly having to remind her of her tasks.  I’m glad that we are seeing this in her so we as parents know what to help her with outside of her teachers.  I am a full believer that the teachers are there to support the parents and parents support the teacher and student.  Now to my middle child.  He will be 5 this September however it is after the cutoff date of September 1st.  So that means he has to wait a year before he can attend kindergarten.  I don’t think he’s put it together that he’s not going.  I think a lot of that comes from us having him in a great preschool program and we have treated him just the same as our oldest in regards to the back to school shuffle.  If you are a parent of children and you have one go to school you know how you have to make the others feel important when they are not quite ready to take the educational leap.

We have always gotten him a new book bag.  I have always had an at home curriculum and we give him homework on top of what he was given from his teachers.  So he doesn’t see the difference.  This year his school has implemented school uniforms so it will be even better for him.  I have had many friends tell us to get him into school anyway.  There are a few things right and wrong. Do I think that academically my son is ready? Absolutely.  He is a scholar is his own right.  However maturity wise I say no.  Since the daycare he was at screwed us up, we have noticed that the daycare which was good had a few hindrances in his socialization.  One he had one on one attention and was favored.  This seemed great at the time until we had to move him and now he’s in a more diverse environment.  We attempted to understand the transition but then there were some major red flags.  He wanted to be in the teacher’s face and wasn’t able to understand that there were others who needed her too.  So as much as I have had the push to put him in kindergarten I am grateful for this extra time to get him nice and adjusted to this new environment.  We worked with the program he’s in now and supported him at home more to aid in his adjustment and its working well.

I skipped a grade in high school I have no doubt that later down the line my son if he wants to and there’s a need to can and will do the same.  This year will allow him to be able to focus on how to properly socialize with others and know what is acceptable for his interactions with his teacher.

Some tips for parents for the upcoming school year:

  1. Help your child be prepared.  Have them set their items that they need the night before.  Don’t you do it.  They get used to it and don’t take responsibility for their actions.  Plus you know how mornings go, one snooze button too many can mess up an entire morning. Be prepared!
  2. Know your child.  Stop giving the teachers a hard time when you know Johnny don’t listen.  Listen to your child and use discernment.  Don’t run to the school ready to fly off the handle and you know your child.
  3. Teach your child to be outstanding.  Set a standard.  If they can sit and play video games all day or catch a Pokemon than they can go to school and get good grades.
  4. Get help early.  You don’t have to know how to do that math that you haven’t used in ages but get someone to help your child when you see them failing.  Catch them before the fall.  There are many equipped people in your community or even churches that can offer low or free tutoring to your child.  The best way to show them how to get the help they need is for you to do the same.
  5. Motivate your young person.  This will require you to talk outside of a text message. Get to know their dreams and then align them with someone who is succesful in that field. Sometimes someone outside of you can motivate them as well.

Have a great school year and remember to pray over your child before they leave your home.  I would love to say that this school year will be without violence but that’s not the world we live in. Cover your children when they aren’t around you.  Regardless of bad mornings make it a point to speak positively into them.  You never know when that will be your last interaction.


Good luck and support each other this year!!



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