Ola September!!

So new month, new goals.  Did I mention how much I love the Fall?  Like I love, love it.  I love Summer but for me Fall is like going to a surprise birthday party.  I just wake up with that smile once I start thinking about crisp air, sweaters, comfort food, apples, and pumpkins.  But before I make this into what I love about Fall, let’s stay focused.

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Fall is the season when I kick into high gear with various 5k and walks to support various cancers.  So with that in mind I have my first one in 9 days.  Yes I said 9 days.  I’ve been in the gym daily no lie and I’m not slowing down anytime soon.  I’ve done various walks/5k pregnant so at the end of the day I know what my body can do.  However I want to get my body in proper shape for life.  I am a very active person in general but I really want to see all that my body can do in a healthy controlled way.  SO I’m pressing towards my goals of losing weight and toning.  I do not have a number in mind.  I have a look in mind.  I have a few outfits that I got to be able to get into.  I got some new items I will purchase like a new pair of boots as I continue to reach my goals.  I will definitely blog about my walk/5k and keep you informed.  I’m just glad to support awesome causes yearly.

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Another goal for September is to increase my socializing.  I have already arranged various outings.  I know this sound like what in the world, but with my busy schedule I will be the one that is really running around but it won’t be for the things I love to do. So then I will be super busy and complain about what I should have done.  One thing I learned from going to the beach and setting that time aside is that its necessary for me to have my time and make me a priority often.  I have made sure my husband knows that although I work out daily during my work hours I still need my me time on Wednesdays weekly.  He plays in a basketball league every Winter.  We don’t schedule family functions around his basketball time.  If there is something we need to go to we go around that time.  I too will have my me time.  There is no negotiation.  There is no working late can’t make it.  There is absolutely none of that going on. Why?  My time is just as valuable as his. Our family will not work around only one parent’s schedule.  We will support all of the members of the family to make sure they have what they need.  Another issue with me time is not to get in a I don’t feel like going anywhere so I stay home.  That was happening at times  too.  I can’t expect my husband to treat me better than I would treat myself .  So far that’s been going well.  It’s helping me to love me.  Not love me as an after fact.  To truly love myself is to mean myself well in all regards.  So I’m careful about what I eat, what time I eat, etc.  I don’t deprive myself from goodies but I have drastically limited myself.  Remember I’m not on a diet. I’m on my way to a healthier lifestyle.

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As a mommy goal is to be more patient.  This is like a daily goal I like many parents have better moments than some but I am more aware of it and have put things into place to assist me.  For one I am really creative and what I lack at times then Pintrest comes to save me.  I am a crafting mom now. I always wanted to be but I was so burned out who had time for all of that.  Remember my kids are just about 2 years apart.  Now that I feel life is stabilizing itself, it feels like I can do more.  So that’s why I have taken on more crafts and my kids are always excited when I announce the newest project.  Just like we went to Produce Junction, and the kids wanted me to get a new scarecrow.  I was down with it because they didn’t know I had already eyed the same one a few days before.  We got the scarecrow and in the rain they wanted me to put it up.  Fall’s official day is September 22 and our house is the only one with several fall decorations. I won’t go all in just yet but they are pushing me right along.

With the buzz of Fall means that old man Winter and the holidays are coming.  This means food, outings, gifts, parties, etc. I have developed a knock out budget to keep the coins in check and make sure we can make our money go the furthest.  When you have one than one kid I can safely say I have never spent more than 800 total for let’s say Christmas and that included both of my nieces.  I am a bargain hunter and I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on one day.  However to get there I find ways to cut costs.  I also like to do more events during the holidays.  Such as home parties, themed dinners, etc for just me and my family. I’m not saying I won’t invite more people this year, but in our household we are all about making memories I will turn a day around in a hot minute.

Blog goals are in the works too.  I want to do some sort of give challenge before Thanksgiving.  I am also partnering up with some awesome people who are producing some great products that I will be giving away especially around my blogiversary.  So stay tuned.  I want to help feature some awesome artists who many may never get to see.  So for some of my close friends look out as there will be a few products coming to your doors. I have to try them out on others before I bring them to all of you.

So it’s a busy time for ToiTime.  Stay tuned as I will be making changes to the website, I always change my Facebook page once a month.  Follow me on twitter at ToiTimeblog as well.  I like to keep things light but informative on there as well.  I look forward to this new month as well as this new season.  Enjoy and happy September.

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