Labor Day Weekend Recap! 

So like most I had a pretty good weekend.  I worked late Thursday night and then I got off early on Friday.

The first on my agenda was to attend a wedding for my husband’s mentee.  I had never met the mentee or the bride but let me just say this wedding was an extremely beautiful display of love. Every member of the bridal party was simply on point. The bride was simply beautiful and the love could be literally felt during the couple’s personal vows.  It’s not often you can sense genuine love from strangers but let me just say that they had love all over them.  One of the best parts I loved was when the bride’s grandmother spoke during the ceremony.  I love when older seasoned women speak. Its something about their wisdom that stops you.  It could be them reciting the alphabet to dropping nuggets of knowledge that makes your ears perk.

Let’s get to the wedding festivities. The cocktail hour was so on point.  If you watched a wedding show where the couple’s cocktail hour had so much food that you could skip the main course this was definitely one of those weddings. To add the open bar was definitely a great addition. I didn’t come across one mean spirited guest.  Everyone seemed there to show support. This is good since the wedding was on a Friday.  It’s been quite some time that I’ve attended a Friday wedding.  The wedding guests were there to have a party. One guest in particular definitely had my attention. Now before I continue let me just say that I’m in no way attempting to offend anyone. However one Caucasian couple and specifically the young woman had the party going.  After she took a picture with the bride and groom the song “Poison” by Bell, Biv,and Devoe came on.  She literally jumped right on time to the beat.  The whole night she was giving a few folks a run for the business. She was like the White friend that not only eats collard greens but knew how to clean, roll,  and cut them. I couldn’t get over her but she definitely broke any stereotypes that might have crept in that night.

Overall I do wish the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Green all the love and support that a new marriage will definitely need.  No one was more deserving of the new journey.

So while all the festivities was going on my lovely kids were with their sitter.  She was a new sitter to them however the anxiety I felt I was able to quickly dissolve.  The kids not only were safe but they had a great time.  I am one of those moms who doesn’t have a large network of people who keep their kids. My husband and I usually switch off back and forth for social events.  It takes too much for both of us to be out at the same time so being at this wedding was major for us.

The rest of the weekend was spent having a blast with family and relaxing.  I enjoyed some down time. I cooked a very large meal as its back to school for my kids this week.  My crock pot and I will be entangled during the school year.  It’s important to me to have home cooked meals and in order to do so I have to do a lot of meal prepping. I enjoyed some adult beverages and got the kidlets ready for another school year. I also was able to sit back and look over the activities that my family was able to do.  We definitely set the bar high and was able to do all of the activities in my Summer to do list this year.   I really hope you all ended Summer’s unofficial end on a high note. I look forward to the Fall and I’m just about done with my Fall to do list.


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