Birthday Shennigans

Well I am still having to get around whatever viral infection my house has.  At one point it got me too for a few days.  Nonetheless I had to celebrate my son’s 5th birthday.  We first took him out to a fun center where he was able to do go-karts, bumper cars, bowling, laser tag, etc.  He had the best time.  We allowed him time to run be a boy and just do whatever he wanted.

Then the next day, his actual birthday he knew I was bringing cupcakes to school, but he didn’t know I would spend the day with him.  He wasn’t feeling well because later on he told me he thought I would allow him to have no school for his birthday.  I have not the slightest idea how he came to that conclusion.  His teachers said that when I left to pick up his oldest sister, that he wouldn’t eat his snack and just wanted to lay around.  Yet when I came back and got him he was all smiles and couldn’t wait to run into the house.

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The number one reason he was happy was because he wanted to see if he got the proton pack he had been asking for.  I’m sure you know what the proton pack is?  It’s from the movie Ghost Busters. We took him in the Summer during the Summer movie series in the park and watched the original.  Since then he’s been super obsessed with all things busting ghost.  So with that in mind we as parent had to step up our game.  We got balloons and had them look like ghost and filled them in his room. When he woke up he saw it and we also woke him up with silly string. Silly string is one of his new favorites as well.  We also got little mini ghost to display as well.  Its our job as parents to make him happy and what better day than on birthdays.  Besides Christmas, birthdays are like the biggest thing in a child’s life.  We as parents always try not just in parties, not just in gifts but the little things to make their day special.

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Overall he had an amazing day.  I also had another reason to celebrate yesterday as it was also my niece’s first birthday.  Last year when she was being born I worked a full day and drove to my hometown to be with my sister.  I told my sister please have this baby before I have to get back to my son for his party.  She was born at 920 in the am and by 10 I was on the road back to Philadelphia for my son’s birthday party.  Ava is such a joy to have around.  She has a the sweetest attitude and she and I share in this facial expression that is too funny.  I look forward to seeing how she will grow.  With two kids having birthdays at the same time  and living in two different cities, will make get togethers challenging but I look forward to both of the kids doing amazing things.


Happy Birthday Ava and Marques Jr.!!!!


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