I am seeing this hashtag all over twitter.  I go and read it and I am taken back.  A woman killed another woman over a man.  Now we all know that this is the type of stuff that has been going on for years but let’s take a real look at this.

One if you are no longer with a man, did you think he wasn’t going to move on forever? Like I get it you think you are the best thing to sliced bread and he will never find another one like you.  You missed where that was the point.  If he wanted someone like you he wouldn’t have had to break up with you.  I can’t understand it ladies and maybe I need help.  We out number men but men are usually the ones getting friend zoned by us.  So that means that for the one you sidelined, there’s another man who was most likely already waiting in the wings to get a spot.  That’s real.  Every woman, married or single can attract a man.  It’s about getting the man who is for you.  How do you know if he’s for you?  He claims you, begins making a future for you, and then honors you.  If he is messing with you and another woman, most likely neither one of you are a prize.

RIP Kendra is now trending on twitter. For those who aren’t a little social media savvy that means a lot of folks are talking about it.  What’s even worst is that the woman who is suspected of killing her had several tweets about how Kendra would be dead soon, etc. Um. let me encourage someone’s heart one no man not one is worth a jail outfit.  The second thing is that when you tweet or use any other social media it doesn’t go away.  Do NOT tweet, or communicate anything that you do NOT want to be brought up.  Twitter is one of those random platforms.  You can be mad about donuts and talk about it.  However in this screen shooting generation anything you say is never gone.

There is a young beautiful child that Kendra left behind for absolutely no reason.  A beautiful girl who no longer can grow up and seek her mother’s guidance over some D.  Let me also touch on something else.  I notice a lot of folks talking about how they would beat a man, how they would end a girl over this and that.  It’s that serious?  You that pressed for a man or a woman who you telling the whole world how good with the hands you would be?  Don’t let it come back to haunt you.  You already know of the many folks that have owed child support payments, post about wads of money and then wonder why they got caught.  I hate to call it but sometimes people are willingly don’t care, stupid, or don’t think about their actions.  For everyone who gassed the alleged murderer’s head telling her yeah girl, don’t come for mines or the one who told the murderer yeah girl she gon learn today, she’s not here today.  Maybe if they charged a few with conspiracy to murder than maybe people would stop being stupid and riding out for their girlfriends on social media.  There are task forces that are out there waiting for things like this.

I feel so sorry for the little girl is caught in two women’s pursuit over a man.  She was 19 at that.  This is someone’s mother, a daughter, etc.  No one should have to lose their life over nonsense like this that clearly could have been avoided.  I pray for Kendra’s daughter and family.  We need to stop glorifying “crazy” girls.  I know of plenty of young women who think that if they stab someone over their man or even stab or hurt their man to show others who not to play with is cute.  I have had personal interactions with a few of them in college who were like that.  There’s nothing cute over showing just how crazy you can get over yours.  If it was yours you wouldn’t have had to fight another female over them in the first place.  When it’s yours you don’t have to chase it or beg it to stay.  Ladies we have got to do better for the other generations to follow of how to be classy.  Will I ever get into something that I have to protect myself? I hope not but its a possibility.  There isn’t an enemy I have that I am willing to go and start a fight over a man, a house or a dog with. There’s a difference in self-protection and acting a fool.  Learn the difference and get it together.


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