What A Week?!

Have you gotten to a Friday and thought Lord, you are so good to get me through this week?  Have you gotten to a Friday and wondered how you even made it out of a bad week? Yes.  I sure you have, we all have.  Some weeks fly past so quickly.  Then there are those weeks that make you feel like you are off your rocker.

One of the things everyone should do whether good or bad should reflect.  What could you do to be better prepared?  Life is about learning.  So there is something that can be done to ensure a less hectic week.  It could be something as small as set your things on the couch ready to grab and go so you don’t leave a work out bag.  It could be to install a key hanger which is one of the things I will be doing this weekend because I am like Dory with short-term memory.  I switch out of bags.  I have my lunch bag, purse, baby bag, and then at times if a child has a meltdown I may have a book bag too.  Minds wander.  Life hits you hard and if you notice you are having a hard time, step back.  This has been my week.

Image result for bad day gif

Sometimes we allow things to get out of control.  We leave things unsaid until they fester into something worst.  Sometimes we think that not saying anything helps and 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t.  Think about your interactions this week.  Were you taking things out on people due to some stress from home?  What about that co-worker who may have deserved your attitude because of what she did last week, but instead of maybe dishing it out then, now you’re in a pissy mood and gave it to her or him this week.  What about parents, were you too rough on your son or daughter because you had to tell them something for the millionth and one time and you’re frustrated?

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What have you done for someone else this week?  I know you’re thinking I had the worst week ever and I don’t have time to think about others.  This is where you are wrong. Often times being on your game will eliminate some of your battles.  You always have time to give to someone else.  I want to give you a little nugget, if you learn to have a servant’s heart sometimes in that you get just as filled and fulfilled.  Life is happening to us all. There are others having worst days, and weeks than you.  Just this week I have one friend who father has passed and another one whose mother is lying in the hospital and the doctors have thrown up their hands.  I have one friend who is in the middle of being displaced with kids and another one who lost their job.  I’ve been super guilty of looking at what I got on my plate and failed to be happy that I have a plate to begin with.  The super busy schedule you may and all of the disappointments you have someone else is wanting your portion.  It doesn’t mean your bad day should just vanish, but if you would learn to say a simple thank you it the small line between gratefulness and bitterness.  I have taken stock and this week have implemented new ways to eliminate unnecessary arguments, confusion, etc.  It only took a simple thank you.  Replace thank you and see if it don’t get better on the inside as it works itself on the outside.

Image result for thankful gif

So TGIF for real.  It’s okay to acknowledge bad days but just remember that simple activities can turn them around and be grateful that you have that power to do so.  Some don’t realize that and will continue to draw every negative energy to them.  Don’t let that be you.  Turn it around and get the type of peace that won’t falter no matter if everything around you falters.


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