Fall is Coming, leaves fall to remind you of change! 

So if you follow me you know the extra level of happiness I am feeling.  Fall is just one of those seasons that represents the most change. Just today started a little rough but when I saw the leaves falling, it was a reminder that whatever I felt in that moment there was hope.  I know that sounds sappy but literally that’s how I view life. As much chaos that can take place I am constantly looking and creating positive inner change.

As flawed as I am and can be I refuse to allow life to kick me in the chest and just lay there. I literally want to be in the forefront of creating inner peace.  I refuse to allow those who don’t acknowledge me to have more energy into where I am headed.  I do need that negative energy. Gasp. Yes sour people can be great pushes if you learn to allow them to have distance from you.

This week even though where I live is headed into a heat wave, I look forward to change. I can’t say I’ve always been happy about change.  There were many years I fought change. But guess what? Even if change took place around me and not within me I had no one to blame but myself. Time waits for no one and change is apart of time. I had a few changes to make in my mind and heart.  I still do.  Every day I could choose to be unhappy, bitter or even sour but doesn’t mean that others are going to allow that into their lives. I love my kids but had I not made the choice to be happy within myself they could lead peaceful lives without me. I would be the one losing ground and losing out on memories.

Although I literally can’t wait for sweaters,  hoodies,  and darker makeup, the change of Fall just makes me genuinely excited. It’s more than the outside changes.  I can’t wait for the change of scenery. Fall is coming whether you like it or not.  What are the goals that you plan to pursue? Keep in mind that Fall will bring us closer to the end of the year.  I choose to end strong. I intend to power through any hindrances real or imagined.  What say you? What have you said you were going to do but made excuses?  Everytime you see a leaf fall,  know it means the change you want is within you.

Be motivated. Stay strong. Keep pressing!


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