Take Care of Home… Clean up your space!

So the last few days have been like a whirlwind for me and my family.  As I told you I was in the Starry Night Run which is an 8.5 K that raises awareness and money for pediatric brain tumors. It was nice turn out.  Total raised thus far for Philadelphia is approximately 39,000.  I want to shout out my sponsors who donated and you know there is still time to donate if you would like to you can send an email to toitimeblog@gmail.com and I can send you the secure link to do so.  None of the money goes to me.  It goes to the kids that need it.  As you know I do not solicit funds for personal reasons. However if you want to support kids and their cure so that one less child will have to endure the tragedy of having a brain tumor please do.

So before the race I had taken a few days due to migraines I had suffered.  The first day it hit which was on Thursday I felt like someone had sat on my head.  I did get a little better or I decided to put mind over matter to push through.  I’m not sure which one yet. I definitely enjoyed getting some rest.  I kept feeling the need to do what I needed to do for me.  My home (personal-me), my spirit, and my life. Not that I didn’t include my family in what I do its hard not to but I took some time to get me together. I took some time to get my spirit in line. I didn’t know it was the very thing that I needed before our family was thrown into the next crisis that we are in now.

Image result for overwhelmed gif

Like my mother would say as long as you live, life is going to happen around you.  The best way to be prepared is to prepare to keep your spirit as calm as you can.  I haven’t slept really since Friday night.  I am being pushed all around but since I must have my cup full for the things that others around me need it was good to have it full for myself too. Taking a few moments even with me not feeling well is why I am even physically standing taking on today’s challenges.  I have no idea what may take place going forward but I know that I have a better aspect in keeping me together as those around me are depending on me more now than ever.

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What are you doing to take care of home?  I am not talking about cleaning your physical house or home as in the place where all of your earthly stuff reside.  I am talking about your mental space. I am talking about your happiness space.  I am talking the place where peace dwells.  What are you doing to keep those areas clean and pure.  Life is hard. It comes with its own sets of battles and punches.  This message is so necessary right now. Every time I turn on the television or log into my social media accounts it seems more and more people are losing their minds.  There is no peace about the social injustices that are taking place. Parents are killing their kids.  Kids are killing their parents.  It’s a mess out here.  You have to find even the smallest amount of space and retreat.  You have to pull back or else you will be overtaken mentally.

Image result for mental space

Get your space back.  Get your sense of self back.  Stop entertaining everything and everyone in your space. You are allowing the very things to make you unhappy, bitter, etc. Clean up your space.


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