Running on Zero Energy

There are so many moment in life that you find yourself running on E.  You do all that you can do extend yourself to a million and one place and then you find out that you are just at a place where you think you can’t go anymore.  I remember many moments in my life where I have felt this.  At the birth of every one of my children when their dad had to go back to work and there was no more visits from others to help.  I felt that when I moved to Philadelphia broken and feeling alone.  I felt that when my husband and I was pulling the plug on our marriage.  I felt that way when I had interviewed and nothing seemed to pop.  I felt that when my previous daycare quit on us in the middle of the night because my kids got sick.

We all have these moments.  These are the moments when we have to allow people and things to breath life onto us.  I have been at a coffee shop with tears in my eyes and had a barista write me a note. I have had a person just send me a text message reminding me that they care and are there for me.  These are moments when even if life is kicking your butt to the point where you are looking excited to give up, it brings you back to yourself.  I think we all play a part in that.  Today I made sure that the lady in front of me in the line who was short in change that since I had it put it in for her.  She left and when she came back I had already taken care of it. I didn’t make a church announcement in the store, just simply gave it and walked away. She found me a few hours later and gave me this big hug.  It was the type of hug I needed.  I really miss home sometimes especially in the Fall because its one of my favorite seasons its all about comfort.  She had no idea that I have been up long hours with my husband who is helping his mother who is very sick keep his hopes up.  She had no idea that I had been so exhausted beyond belief.  Her hug felt like my mom or my grandma.  Her hug felt like a second of refugee.  It gave me incredible energy. It gave me hope.  She wanted to give me the change and I refused.  I told her the hug was what I needed.

Image result for hug gif

I do belief that with all that is going on in the world, random acts of kindness help to renew the spirit. I don’t do them only around the holidays but all year long.  They help to build the person who is receiving as well as the one who gives it.  We need more people to give a few hugs, a kind smile, pay for a coffee or two.  They are small gestures that sometimes define someone else’s next step.  I read how a woman who was battling anorexia had a barista write the word smile.  She had a feeding tube in her and it made her not end her life that night.  Its called little whispers of love.  Sometimes when life is heavy we need them to touch us.  I remind my husband of this every time. There has been times as a family when the struggle has been real.  Then a little reminder comes or something works out that we had nothing to do with and it renews my faith.

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What are you giving?  Keep in mind when you put negative energy you get it back.  The same works for positivity.  It’s not about being happy and jolly all the time.  It’s about looking for the good and allowing the good to help push you to your destiny.  The hug I received didn’t cause my husband’s mother to get an instant healing. But it renewed my mind so that I can go home and do whatever is needed to ease his load.  It made me have a second wind to deal with my kids and find a way to enjoy my evening.  It made me a little less home sick until I can get a hug from my parents on Friday.  It gave me a boost and it was what I needed.




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