Bosses can go one way or another 

It’s national boss day. The day we set aside to tell our bosses what we really feel. Wait. Well it’s the day we set aside to show how much we appreciate our boss.

Now if you are a team player and your boss is less than stellar you may find this day to be filled with resentment. Why?  You chipped in and split the cost of a gift and if you would have had your way you would slip your boss a 2 weeks notice.   What do you do if you are at the cross roads of wanting to throat punch your boss?  One you don’t. I’ve been around some of the worst when it comes to bosses but I had to play the position. It sucks. The best thing you can do when you are feeling this way is to work on you and work on an exit plan.

Sorry to all the bosses or potential bosses but the reality is if you have an employee that has to pray themselves in the building daily it’s time for the employee to roll.   There is no amount of niceties that can happen to turn it around when things have gotten this bad.  I remember crying and by the way I’m not a crier, asking myself why was I at my place of employment. I was sick and knew that often times I needed the pay.

Having to work for a company that you can no longer stand just to pay the bills is prison. It keeps you at a point of no return. You feel lost. You feel like what have you as a person done to allow you to settle?! I know it’s boss day but the reality is that even with all of these gimics and pyramid scheme type businesses anyone can be a boss. The flip is that you can still be in control of your future even with working for someone else.

One of the things I asked myself was to be honest.  I looked at all of the great attributes that I loved in the bosses that I have had.  I also wrote down the bad ones as well.  I made up in my mind that when I interviewed to not just be prepared for their interview but to interview them as well.  What is it without going into too many personals that I wanted to avoid? Luckily I was able to interview the team separate from my current boss and was able to ask the hard-hitting questions that were important to me.

Bosses are supposed to inspire. They are to be good leaders and good leadership has to be able to take blame when they mess up. That is a personal pet peeve. In life people pass the buck.  I get that. But to deliberately not have the ability to take the “L” is a deal breaker. I had a boss that instead of admitting guilt blamed the whole staff. However karma definitely came and bit him or her in the butt. Let’s keep it real, bosses think that putting blame on the team is normal but the way this particular boss did they literally NEVER allowed him or her to be wrong. That is a weak move.  I know that a boss isn’t  perfect. I am a perfectionist but even I can step back and be comfortable enough in my skin to admit wrong.

If you are a boss than know there’s always room for improvement. Bosses have a tough job or trying to run a business and keep it altogether. Being a boss isn’t for everyone.

I’ve been blessed with amazing bosses throughout the years but unfortunately with the good always comes the bad.  I told myself and made myself a promise that as long as I have to answer to someone else that someone else would be a person of integrity, discernment, and have a heart for the human experience. If anything less means I keep pushing forward.  I will not have the parking lot prayer service to get me to my office again. I’ve had times of pure tiredness but that’s not the same as not wanting to be at my job because I work with the absolute worst boss in the nation.

I don’t care if you work at McDonald’s or at the top of the highest building, learning to respect others is key. Nothing irks me more than people to forget what it’s like to work for someone else. There are so many opportunities to own your own business but if you mistreat the lowest in your company than that is really who you are.  We got to get to the point of being fierce, being and giving respect, and managing people like you would want to be managed.

Last pay attention to the company structure. That will give you a heads up on what to expect from the work place culture.

To all the bosses handling their business I salute you. Happy boss day!


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