Finding the Little Things

So I haven’t blogged in a few days.  However in the last days things have turned dramatically worst for my mother in law.  I am not ready to fully blog about the experience but I will.  I am learning a lot about the very thing I have been super scared of and that’s death.  For the record my mother in law has not transitioned.  I want to be able to help parents as I have 3 young kids in the midst of this as well. So when the time is right I will dive in.  In the mean time I have to shout out my support system.  I have had some great friends call me.  I had some friends get my children and help with pick up, drop offs, and dinner time.  These types of things have been really helpful.  I would be totally off beat not to mention my village.  As time goes on I am sure that our family will need more and more support.

Let me switch gears a little bit.  I haven’t had much time to catch my breath but I have caught my eye on a few things happening.  The blogiversary will continue.  I have the blogs already lined up as well as a few surprises up my sleeve.  So if you love free things and love this blog continue to follow, support, and share.  One of the things that is keeping me grounded is my kids happiness over Halloween.  If you caught my latest blog about Halloween you know this is major for me.  They have a countdown going on and they are serious about it. They are looking forward to some great events, a parade, and parties at their school.  I am happy to see that they are still super happy these days.  My husband and I have some built-in parent time.  Although a lot of the time will be spent with his mother of which I am not mad about it its good to know I will have a little bit of peace not having to worry too much about the kids.  Having kids and going through things makes it hard to breath at times. You know as parents we have to still make a way to get everything done no matter if grief or sadness is going on.  Another thing I am excited about is my blogiversary that we will all celebrate starting November 1st. Get the best champagne glasses out because we are going to have a time.  I am incredibly happy about these 2 years.  I am grateful for being consistent and just having some fun with these blogs.  Oh and with the wakening of November means we are full deep into holiday season.

I love holidays so it’s not secret that I am super stoked for all of the things that I make up for our family during these next 3 months.  So yes bring on the tinsel and the “adult juice” because I am definitely ready. So as usual this is another check in from ToiTime herself.  I have a great blog for tomorrow to get your weekend started.  Halloween can be super fun but if you aren’t careful you will end up on the front page of the news.  I do NOT wish that for any of my readers so I have a super cute key in mind list to get you through all of the scary and not so scary avenues that Halloween can bring.

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