Ask Toi: Do I have to give someone a thank you card for a thank you card?

No you don’t ever need to give a thank you card for a thank you card. If you want to acknowledge that you received it than do that.  You can do that with a call that is brief or a text or email is fine too.  Thank you once sent is understood so do not put too much energy into it at all.

With the holidays if you receive a gift from someone it’s always best to make sure that you call first and say thank you.  Honor the person with a thank you for taking time and money and energy to gift you.  Times are hard so any gift big or small should be simply acknowledged.

Keep in mind that when you say your thank you that you keep it light and simple.  If you are dealing with someone who feels that you need to do a grand gesture for a thank you, you may need to re-evaluate your friendship with them in its entirety to be honest with you.  I had someone I used to be friends with get upset because she wanted a thank you card, a call, a shout out on Facebook, and Instagam.  I do not live my life to those standards.  I send friends cards of love and check ups all the time. I also send small gifts to if I know it will cheer them up.  I do not need shout out on all social media for that.  The other clear case that I had to take into consideration was often times I was being gifted for a purpose. It wasn’t to make my day or bring a smile in my face it was a back up for a favor. I would hear, well I got you A, B, or C a few weeks ago.  I simply am not the one to barter with.  I ended that friendship rather quickly. I love to do for others but at no time would I be okay with someone doing anything for me to hold over my head.

So happy gifting and receiving.  Make sure you say thank you and be light.  Do not make thank you into anything more than an acknowledgement of appreciation.  Thank yous are not life support.


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