Back to the Grind

Welcome back ToiTime followers.  We had the smallest break in blogs ever, but a break is still a break right?! Well I am back to the grind like so many others.  Today was the Mondayish Tuesday ever.  Yeah I just made up that word but whatever.  I had to keep hitting the snooze button.  This little break allowed me some good sleep.  My kids even let me sleep in until like 930 and for parents that’s the equivalent of sleeping in until noon. So to have to go back to the 530am life, I wasn’t ready.  Jesus be a fence, I thought I was going to have to dip myself into a coffee pot.

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So what have I been up to during this small little break.  Nothing.  I have enjoyed my family, spent time with friends, and really just did a lot of nothing. For Christmas we went to my parent’s home.  It was a lot of fun. We had a family sleep over which was great too. Nothing like not having to leave to travel back home and be able to indulge in some adult beverages too.  For New Year’s day we were at home.  I super decorated and enjoyed some family.  It was nice.  We didn’t have to leave our home.  We were able to eat and drink and not worry about any foolishness that takes place on these types of days.  The kids loved staying up and pretty much doing whatever they wanted.

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Let’s fast forward to this morning.  The struggle was real.  My husband and kids were off for a few days.  Well technically they all were off since before Christmas. I on the other hand worked pretty much during the time they were off.  However even though I am a morning person, this morning was the hardest ever.  I wanted to stay in the bed and get up again at 930, but responsibility came knocking.  The kids struggled too.  We had to just turn the music up loud and get things done. We successfully got to our destinations on time.  That is God, trust me.

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Well how’s ready to dive into their 2017?  I have already signed up to do another Soul Cycle class this week.  If you remember I did one in the Summer and thought I would die. However die or not, it’s getting done.  I have a specific goal as I continue my weight loss journey.  I like many will continue to hit the gym at work during my lunch break.  Gym during work helps me and I can’t make an excuse since the building is only a few feet from where I work.  I am continuing to drink my water.  You know me and water have a love/hate relationship.  I recently found me a great workout journal.  So now on top of my regular planner and my blog planner I have taken on this one.  I am a visual person so for me it’s not overkill.  It helps me to be able to find tune what I am doing.  For instance I have to write down how much water I have drunk.  That’s great because now I am more aware and can use myself and my journal as an accountability partner to get things done.

Welcome back to the hustle and bustle of life.  Make it all you want it to be.  Let’s enjoy all that 2017 has to offer.


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