Ask Toi: Do I tell my husband his perfect friend is hitting on me?

Yes.  There’s no way around it.  Perfect in whomever eyes he still is perfectly wrong.  Now to my readers the back story is this perfect friend of my reader’s husband adores his wife publicly on social media and appears to be the best husband in the world but is still sliding into her emails, etc

I call foul. I think some men like the chase.  He appears to be the best husband but that’s the tool that he is using to see if you will take the bait. I would tell your husband. I would show him the emails so he can see it for himself.  You have no reason not to tell and trust and believe if you don’t that it can be turned on you.  I have seen men try the whole your wife tried to seduce me bit.  Always protect yourself.  No one has you like you.  Also let the friend know that he needs to stop.  Don’t mention anything now if you have NEVER responded.  Now even more of a reason to show your husband what has been going on so he can check his friend.  Perfect husbands are not a real thing.  People are people.  If your husband’s friend was so loyal to his own wife, he wouldn’t have the time to be in your email.  This is why I caution people not to go by what they see on Facebook and other social media. Everything that glitters isn’t gold.  Some people over compensate their love on social media to appear to be good and fight like cat and dogs at home. The real test of a marriage should be between that husband and wife and he drew you into their stuff by stepping out on his marriage.  Lastly if he feels so comfortable talking to you like he than what type of husband and friend is he really?  You aren’t the only one he is doing this too trust me.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if he was living a double life.  Some men like to tell their boys that their lives are the worst so it justifies that they want to have other women on the side.


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