Weekly Wrap Up: March 31st

So here we go in another week and it’s time to wrap up. I am so happy that it is Friday.  I cant wait to enjoy my weekend.  Last weekend I was able to attend a birthday party, do some much needed me time and really just get ready for this week with a little rest in there too.  This week has been pretty good on a personal level so let’s dive in to what happened this week:


  1. Vice President Mike Pence made the tie breaking vote to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood.
  2. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signs a bill that repeals the state bathroom law.
  3. Bill O’ Reilly made a comment about Rep. Maxine Waters hair resembling that of James Brown.  This fire storm set off the twitter trend #blackwomenatwork to highlight the many times black women are disrespected while doing their jobs.


Personal Highs

I am down another 1.6 lbs this week.  I am on a crusade for my personal health for any new readers.  I am working on a better version of myself.  I had to step away from calling my weight “baby weight” when my “baby” is 3 years old.  So I am taking the steps to make sure that I change my lifestyle not just lose weight.  I want to be able to wear the clothes I want to wear and not just the clothes I have to wear.  Another high this week was going to see my doctor looking and being 27 pounds total lighter.  She congratulated me and gave me some more tips to an overall healthy life. It felt good to move out of the overweight category.

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In case you missed the blogs this week.  You need to check out what you missed:

  1. No account people
  2. Ask Toi: how to handle when you’re in public and someone makes a comment to one child but not the other
  3. Self Love/Self Care

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Personal Lows

The same struggle that I had last weekly I am honestly sad to say I am still struggling with this week.  I had success with the one group where as I was able to see them in public and not have an issue and it was a refreshing step back from our normal interaction but the other I can’t say I have moved on from.  So this weekend I am really going to allow myself some attitude adjusting to step in.  If after I step back and attempt to make it work and it doesn’t than I use the Hollywood phrase that the relationship is “irreconcilably broken.”  I have to put some effort into this to get out a reward.  So I will keep you updated either way but a result will have to come from this situation.

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Lent Efforts

I wanted to encourage those who are participating in Lent and the spirit of Lent to keep on going.  Whatever you gave up will hopefully balance that you can continue on the right path or find balance once it is over.  Stay strong.  Be vigilant.  Find ways to make it easier to get to the intended goal.


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