Single and Married

This is a #tbt however it seems befitting to Carmelo’s comment that La La was married and he was not to justify his cheating over the years. Who raised these disrespectful raggedy ass men? Not all men think like that. Everyone knows marriage means no cheating. So for some jack leg man to come out the wood works with this one says more about the woman who settle for this foolishness than him. Ladies, drop a man quick for this type of stuff he don’t or won’t have no love for you!


The title seems to be misfits, right?  It should be but in this society often times people take relationships as a joke.  They want their cake and eat it too.  They want a main and a side jawn but yet they want loyalty from their mate all wrapped in one package.  My thoughts on this is, how can you ask for something you can’t and won’t give?  These are the sad tales of what it means to be single and married.

It’s nothing new. Men and women been coupling up since Jesus was a boy.  However when you look at what it takes to be in a solid relationship these days it makes you either line up or play an unfair game.  Like I said in the introduction of this piece, people want it all but don’t want to give their all.  I mean like my mom would tell me…

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