Sunday Message: Guide Me!

So pain is inevitable. You will experience it in some way whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental. The key to getting to a point of dealing with it is to assign it correctly.

Sometimes we take our pain out on the wrong sources. I know I am guilty of that. Making people who don’t deserve the ugly part of you just because of what another person or source has done is super damaging.  You break up relationships that could be serving over a pain you can’t pinpoint.  It’s not worth it. 

Today take a few moments of time to really pinpoint your pain. You may never get to correct it with the individual. Some people have died and left the pain with you because you made the choice to hold on to it. Make a different choice. Having your husband go through pain due to flash backs of pain you experienced with another man but not doing the work to get through is not okay. You can’t make excuses that the pain exists without action on your part and your part alone to fix it. As much as a mate should and can be a source of support there are times that even in relationship and connection that you won’t be able to lean on them to make it right. Sometimes the person to make it right is the one in the mirror. 

Pain hurts. Going through your feelings, will hurt too. Thinking of an incident that left you feeling less than will cause pain. It’s your job to pull yourself from that feeling. How do you do it? Sometimes talking it out, therapy, spiritual guidance, journal, etc.  There is a method that works for you. You just need to be willing to take the first step. 

So even if you are clueless and too hurt to even take a step, take a small step. For me when I get in little funks, I write it out. I sometimes talk about it if I feel like the person I am sharing it with is safe. Not everyone who you think you can speak to is safe. Some people use what you say against you. Some people treat you differently. Take a moment to pray or simply say guide me. I have had days where I say Lord, guide me. Little things happened to let me know I was heard.  The world gives back to you when you are seeking. You just have to be open and discern the right messages. 

Guide me and you today!! 


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