Kevin Hart: The Pull Up Chronicles

Every woman is different.  What one woman will put up with doesn’t apply to all.  You never know what you will do until you are in it.  Let me explain why I would be ready to do a pull up edition on Kevin Hart.

The cheating or the act of having sex outside your marriage isn’t the full issue for me. Maybe it should be, but it’s not.  My issue is that Kevin wanted to prove so much to the world that he was the poster boy for changed behavior and KNEW he had been slipping and tipping around with another woman.  For me that is cause for a pull up.  I would be ready to get him on that alone.  He wanted to act as if this new wife was so much better than his last.  He wanted us all to believe he had changed his mind-set so much yet in reality he was doing the cheating in plain view.  Cheating in plain view is when you have a conversation with your mate and denounce people who would do the same. They stay visible.  They are on social media talking about you being the light of their world.  Then without warning the light must have dimmed because they get caught with another person.  Nothing irks a woman more than being embarrassed.  I can say the same for men too.  It’s the type of hurt that won’t go away with flowers and jewelry.  It’s the type of hurt that burns your soul.  You go all out telling others how wonderful your mate is and then you are blindsided.

Listen what Kevin doesn’t understand is his kids are older.  When he cheated his kids may have been unable to read or know what is going on.  However they are in private school.  One thing about private schools is they are usually smaller in attendance and everyone knows everything about each other.  They have to walk around where other kids ask them if its true.  They may feel the need to defend their dad even in his wrong doing.  Once you involve kids in your messy affairs that’s when the gloves comes off as a mother for me. I feel bad for Eniko that she is being embarrassed.  I feel bad that she thought the same way you got em, wasn’t going to be the same way she would lose him. That is a principle in life that doesn’t care about your economic status.

So to Eniko who is pregnant and doesn’t need this stress, have your baby and work in your own mind what you want to do.  We all have opinions but YOU have to live with his cheating and that will always overshadow your relationship.  To other women who are going through this or will, know that cheating is horrible but make your next steps a decision you can live with daily.  Don’t do what others think you should do as they will forget the cheating you can’t!


4 thoughts on “Kevin Hart: The Pull Up Chronicles

  1. The video has made it to the web. This type of scrutiny is not deserved by any woman. I believe if you do it once you will do it again. If you use the fact you cheated on your first wife as part of your stand up before remarrying, food for thought. I’m all about respect and this right here is all types of messy and stressful for someone is pregnant. True, only she can figure out what is best for her. My only thought for him is why get married if you can’t respect the union. People need to own their bs and not drag anyone else along. You are who you are, own it. I’m not Olivia Pope can fix this one. I pulled up and have no regrets. Karma is a mutha!

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    • Yes indeed. I would pull up because this is outright wrong. I just watched the video like minutes ago and smh like come on now really this has to stop just be a good dad. You can date around he’s rich he don’t need to attain to marriage especially since he already was married before. She seems like she really loves him I don’t know how this would pan out for her but my thoughts would be have this child, and then make a decision from there


  2. Exactly, there is no obligation to be married. The lifestyle is not for everyone. I’m the health police out here in hotel rooms with random women is so irresponsible as a married man. Infidelity takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. Dating a man while he’s separated a slippery slope.

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    • It most certainly is and my thing is HE KNEW he had been out here cheating so when it came out last month he tried the whole you bringing a black man down, We def didnt need the lie or the race card either. Just own it if there was smoke he should have known there was going to be fire cause he created it.


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