Sunday Message: Believe Them; Stop Protecting Them

Good Sunday morning to you. As always I hope you are doing well and have peace of mind.

Let’s talk about one of the messages that Maya Angelou taught us all and that is when people show who they are believe them. We have heard this many times YET we protect the very ones who show you less than what you deserve and why? It doesn’t make sense. They hurt you and you want to believe the best so you give things another try. This ride you take always ends up the same with you wishing they hadn’t said, wishing they would act right, or wishing they would change. You can’t make people do better but you can stop allowing them to having access to you.

Everything starts with you. Even when you feel like your mind is in the most powerless state you are very much in control. You have to remember that. Do not allow people to switch up on you and you just sit there holding the bags.  Listen I’ve been the forgiving type. You get into something then here comes the sorrys so you believe but in the inside you know what you feel isn’t right but you hope and continue. People will allow you to think that the vibes you are feeling are wrong to mask their true intentions. All of sudden you’re wrong, you don’t get it, you tripping UNTIL the very thing that kept being denied was super true. Then they hit you with the ohhhh see I didn’t mean it that way. They dismissed you and you allowed it. End the cycle. You are mature enough to know something is off or wrong. Trust yourself to know when things are no longer serving what you need.

Take some time to be okay with you. You know what you need. We all need what we need! Don’t be ashamed to speak clearly and put others in their place when they don’t line up. Stop protecting the ones who harm you. Don’t say oh they didn’t mean it. They were just mad. They were tired. Or they were just being them how about that!! If they are old enough to do what they do or say what they say they can take whatever consequences they get. This applies to all relationships and interactions. This is not exclusive to romantic relationships. You have to know how to interact with others at all points of time in your life in every arena of your life. 


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