Weekly Wrap Up: Thursday September 28, 2017

So good morning to you all.  I am doing my weekly wrap up a day early and the reason is because ToiTime will be walking and running this weekend for good causes.  I have been preparing for these moments for quite some time.  Now it’s time to get out there and connect with a bunch of wonderful people and do the damn thing.

So with that in mind how did I actually get connected to do the walks/run?

For Friday I will be doing the Light the Night walk.  This walk is for my very good friend Jen.  She was diagnosed with a blood cancer it seemed almost a short time from giving birth to her youngest son.  She and I worked for a medical company together and we both had kids almost a month apart from each other.  Jen or as I call her Jenny from the block entreated me with so much love that our relationship surpassed the work relationship into a friendship.  We had a connection and that connection has sustained outings, watching our kids grow, etc.  So when I found out she was diagnosed I was crushed. I thought like she did I am sure why Jen.  Now it’s why not Jen. She is and always will be the strongest person I know and it’s not just because she had Lymphomas but it was due to the fact that even on her saddest days, she kept pushing and smiling.  The connection of our friendship has led both of our families to connect as well.  She and her family was there for me when my own mother had been struggling with colon and breast cancer scares.  Love over powers any difference.  Love is love.  I walk with her and the rest of our team the Lymphomaniacs.  This team has been walking and going strong for at least 5 years.  So again ToiTime doesn’t ever sell anything, but if you would like to donate please consider, donating Light the Night

The other fun part about my upcoming weekend is the Sweat with your Sole Conference and 5K/10K that will take place on Saturday followed by a brunch with keynote speaker Luvvie Ajayi.  This event is bringing women of color together for its Black Girls Run Too and allowing us to have strength in numbers, talk about ways for us to get fit and really have support.  I know there will be some amazing friendships, networks, and just an all around great time.

The prep has been crazy.  I have been working towards this for the last 2 months because in it has kept my overall health in line.  You know that I had the hysterectomy and to avoid gaining crazy weight from hormonal issues, recovery, eating, etc this has been my save.  I had been talking to my husband about networking and getting out with other like-minded women. I stumbled upon SWYS link on twitter and immediately paid the fee and committed.  I am determined to push myself to see what my body can do.  By the way almost every month until December I have a run.  This has kept me accountable to my gym days and eating well.  I have the support of my family, friends, co-workers, and not least my ToiTime followers.  So think of our team and the ladies when we walk and run this weekend.  You already know I will have my camera ready to record and capture all of it and blog about it come Sunday at the latest.

Last night since both of these events are back to back I have checked over my bag making sure I have all of the necessities.  I will be going over it tonight as I prepare to travel in the AM to attend the first event.  I have made sure I got an awesome playlist for them, and I have the after race/walk kits ready to go with the things I will need such as water, protein and towels, etc.  So with my new running shoes in tow and of course my Armpocket I will be ready to crush this race.  Oh and by the way they are doing a spin the wheel for deals to save on their arm pockets.  Armpocket is the only tool you need to run/walk with your phone, headphones, keys, etc in one secure location.



So if you have been missing blogs catch up.  We talked about my no longer being a virgin to Shake Shack, Sunday’s message, ear muffs, and her own empire.  Missed them, ToiTime!

Personal Goals

This week has been filled with a lot of rest.  I have been able to get the rest that I needed and averaged so far this week of 7 hours a night.  That is a Christmas miracle.  I limited my adult drinks this week well in the last few weeks because I need to hydrated for my events not intoxicated.  Oh and because its my favorite time of the year it’s also a time for me to do a great clothing haul from all of us in my home.  I took out stuff that doesn’t fit, and we are donating them to families in need.  Every change of season some families simply can’t afford to purchase clothes.  If you have gently used clothes please consider donating to others as well.  Don’t just throw them away. Your trash is another person’s treasures.

Marriage Rocks Moment

Shout out to my parents who celebrated their vow renewal this past week.  Like many couples they got married and decided to have a big wedding later.  I remember vividly being there and it was such a beautiful event.  I can’t think of another couple who have literally been through the fire and back who deserve well wishes more than my own parents.  They never tried to show us a perfect love.  They showed us how much marriage takes to make it work.  They were brutally honest about their short comings along the way.  I really appreciate that as I have been married for 5 and it showed me not to take marriage as a happily ever.  They never led to They have been married for 27 years.  That’s love yall!!


Weekend Love

I will blog about all of the weekend events so look forward to them in the coming days.  Say a prayer of longevity, hydration, and to get through with amazing time.  I hope your week is going well and that this weekend you are able to renew yourself and continue in your goals.



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