Ask Toi: Is sexting okay?

Married, single or in an committed relationship if you choose to sext you assume all responsibilities on both parties.
Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages to another party via a text!! This can be done by either sending sexually explicit messages like emoji, gifs, or going all out and sending pics of your own body parts.

They can be fun but if they are intercepted, published, or shared they can be damaging. Think of it in this way, you better be sho nuff sure it’s worth it. When I was single guys would send pics in hopes that I would send a little something back. However I never did and the reason is blackmail is a mutha. The way these men and their fragile egos are set up I ain’t want that weight. It works the same with females. They see you men with someone else can’t accept it and next thing you know your momma got your member in her mail. Be careful!

It can be fun in a committed relationship. It’s a way to build during the day until you can get to your boo and let them know what you really gonna do. However make sure what you say you plan on doing. Don’t be saying things that when it’s time leaving your man or woman all kinds of disappointment.

Always make sure your phone is secure. You do not want anyone to see what you and your boo is doing. Remember when you pass your phone to someone to look at a picture them all of sudden they keep swiping, make a file folder for such things. Also be careful for all of my readers with kids, they know how to operate phones better than you.

If you ever had your privacy violated there are laws and laws are changing to meet the needs of such things. I know ex wives/husbands who have broken the code. It’s for your eyes only. Remember when you’re dating and you send them too they have the possibility of sending to their friend or allowing others to view.

Be creative if you ain’t avoid that life, the next time someone send you a pic of something you wasn’t ready for, send them a pic of something funny. If a man ask you to send a picture of breast send him a picture of a pack of chicken breast. That’s how I roll, here you go. I was bad at it in the sense I would make someone mad and did it on purpose.

Oh and for the parents be aware that young kids are doing the same. If you have an older teenager and they get caught sending pictures of a younger teen and vice versa know your laws. Your child can be charged with a sex crime and can be asked to register under Megan’s law.  I take an internet sexual class every year at my kid’s school that is taught by the director of the Sex Victims Crime unit. Why? The world is working overtime and trying to protect my kids from the growing internet trolls.

So be careful in these streets!! Or learn to finesse in real life you won’t have to rely on a picture you can have the real thing!! Just saying!


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