You Die First; A Phil Heywood Movie 

So you know I’ve said it a thousand times I don’t do scary movies.  But when a friend writes and produces his first movie you have to slide them scary fears to the side.  This movie which is a short scary film was amazing and I’m not saying that because of my close ties to the director. It literally was a good movie. No movie big or small can be done alone so to all of the components of Basement Bartle kudos on a job well done!

Now if you’re looking for the bloody super theatrical movies like the ones that are out this Halloween season this isn’t the movie for you. This is one of those scary movies that pulls on every bit of your anxiety.  When I watched it I braved myself for gore but really my anxiety was through the roof. It played well on a person being in a house and hearing every sound that house makes. It plays on a person’s emotions when you’re living a single life or just home alone and then you just want to go to sleep but as you drift off to sleep you keep being awakening by sounds….

Listen when I was in my first apartment and you waking around just super proud of yourself for just having your own but then that part of being alone creeps in-it took me there. I know some folks like scary things but even the most scary movie novice knows what’s it’s like to have your senses messed with. The first time a door shuts, a floor board that moves or crinkles, or how the walls seem to make noise throughout the night. All of this will set your nerves on edge, have you checking your phone, going to the window, and checking the locks over and over again.
To learn more about the director, catch it here Phil Heywood

What I am most proud of after talking to the director, Phil is the amount of work behind the scenes to pull a short movie off. The depth of editing and the amount of behind the scenes and man power it takes to pull this off. The passion to put what you think onto paper and turn it into reality. The amount of rehearsals and takes even for a short movie is amazing. I spoke to the man character of the movie, S. Gordon, he said he never hesitated to participate in the vision. He literally is the movie. He played his part super well to the point after I was trying to find him and couldn’t pick him out of the crowd until introduced.

I spoke to Phil’s Family and friends and overall the same story of pride could be felt. Shout out to Phil’s Family for coming out and supporting him. I felt like I was at home. Also shout out to the Registrar and Financial aid department of PCOM who was represented as well. This movie really has a chance to rise to greatness so click on the link to see it for yourself You Die First

So for my first movie premiere I have to say I had the best time. From meeting new people, to awesome food and of course spending Friday the 13th premiering a scary movie this blogger had a great night and can’t wait for the next one!! 

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