Weekly Recap: October 20, 2017

Is anyone else having a weird Friday or is it just me?  Well as much as this day has been at least it’s Friday right?  I am working on treating everyday like a Friday, but I am so not there just yet.  I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a relaxing weekend.  You know my motto by now, make sure you find some time to feed your soul.

So let’s recap this week:

Personal Goals

This has been a great week.  I went to the premiere for You Die First a short scary movie of a friend and if you haven’t you can check out that blog along with the others from this week.  I also was able to see my oldest child perform in the church/school choir.  Seeing her is really like looking at me as a child.  She really is my mini me and sometimes its hard watching her grow because I know that she will have so much to face and I pray I equip her to be ready for it all.  My family was also able to go to Linvilla Orchards for our yearly trip.  It was as always a lot of fun.  I unfortunately found out that I have a hairline fracture in my foot so no working out at least not the traditional way. I was expected to be out originally for 2 but now I am out for 6 weeks.  So this means being on my Weight Watcher points like crazy for the next few weeks and altering the workouts to fit my situation.  I also got out and enjoyed the Painting with a Twist with the Mocha Moms group.

One other goal was my blood work.  I had two different doctors do blood work for different panel of things. I got the results of the one and it really came out great.  The hysterectomy has allowed my body to calm and I am healthy.  I can’t wait to get next week’s results for my blood levels etc.  Those are the super important ones.  I will keep you updated.

Blog Goals

It’s been a busy blog week as usual.  I have been amping up and making sure I stay on top. Don’t forget that the blogiversary is coming on November 1st.  You are going to want to stay in tune so you don’t miss a beat.

Here is what we blogged this week:

  1. You Die First movie premiere
  2. Sunday message-get what you need
  3. My family’s trip to Linvilla Orchard
  4. Menopause Woes
  5. How to Jump Start your work outs
  6. Painting with a twist and anxiety

So as always if you missed it, catch up here at ToiTimeBlog

Upcoming Events:

Next week I will be at the Together Live Tour featuring none other than Luvvie Ajayi I can’t wait to attend this phenomenal day of sharing and learning.  I of course will bring you the information after I get it in a blog

I am still training, hurt foot and all for my 5K even if I have to walk this thing because unless they tell me my foot is going to fall off, I will finish the commitment that I started.  This one is for Brain tumors for kids.  As always ToiTime never asks for money but if you want to donate to the cause you can here, Starry Night 5K

I also like most families are starting to gear up for the holidays.  Halloween for those who celebrate, it is next week. We are into finding other alternatives like places kids can be in a safe environment to have fun without maybe necessarily trick or treating.  I am still working around that.  I  may take them but that is still in the cards at this point.  Last year was the first time we took them out.  They were super young to me in previous years and really I just always had a great night at home with movies, candy, treats, and dress up.  I may do that this year but I will see as we get closer.  A lot of evil people are doing the most with candy with having candy look like drugs, lacing them with razors and needles.  I actually found a needle in one of my kids bag, I threw the whole bag out and let them have the candy that I bought.  Be careful no matter what you do not just on Halloween but everyday.

In another month the Thanksgiving holiday will be upon us.  As I stated I have blogs that cover the fun parts of what to do, how to socialize during these holidays but this year I will focus on the stress, anxiety, and loneliness of the holidays.  For some the holidays is the most depressing time of their lives.  We have to address it with practical ways of working around and surviving it.

So get caught up, have a great weekend and as always blogs are sure to follow!!




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