Sunday Message: Don’t duplicate someone else’s shine

Happy Sunday. Where I am it’s a beautiful sunny day. I am still enjoying family time and relaxing. Yesterday I posted the most adorable pictures of my kids. They were dressed in their Halloween costumes. My oldest was Uma from Descendants 2, my son a red Power Ranger and my youngest Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Immediately I had parents while I was out ask me where I had gotten their costumes. That is a natural question especially since my oldest Uma costume was the hardest to get as it’s been one of the go to costumes of the season.

A mom said to me how do you find the time to do all you do?! My answer is I do it as I’m moving. She began to look very sad so I asked her what was wrong and why did she feel inadequate.  She stated she felt like she was missing the mark and all of the other parents around her has it all together. I explained how I used to measure myself like she is doing. I would see the moms with a face full of makeup, heels, and bomb outfit meanwhile I’m out in my yoga aka my yogurt pants as my dad calls them with a messy bun or my hair not even curled and maybe some chapstick. I too would measure myself up against other women.

I said what you see is my personal determination to be better. I stopped comparing my awesomeness to other women and measured what I wanted for myself. When I stopped the negative self talk, I found I was able to get up when I wanted to be fierce and look the part. When I wanted to be casual I stopped doing it just to get out of the house but dressed my casual look up a bit more because I wanted to look the part. She said she never thought of that. 

See the problem with comparison is you lose the essence of who you are and what you can offer the world. I do things on my own time and when I want to. This stops me from stressing myself out over what someone else is doing. Do not dim your light or turn it off to match another. Another woman can’t outshine me because I am my own unique person with a unique offering to give to the world. You need to know the same. Be you! 

You are the one that can be the best you. If you try to be like who you see, the world will miss the true essence of you and we all need it. 


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