Together Live 2017

So as I’ve been saying I was attending the Together Live Tour here in Philadelphia. And finally the day came. I know for a fact that it was money well spent. From the time I entered the theatre until I left I felt my life had been impacted for the better.

So let’s rewind to getting to the venue. I left the printed ticket at my office. Strike one. Then I get my kids from school and get home so my husband could drop me off and bam I forget my purse. Strike two. How in the extra world? So I move past that and I am super grateful for smart phones for once because my e-ticket is secured and off to the show I go. I get inside and it’s super packed. My first stop is to get some wine. I can feel my anxiety getting stronger but then I turn around and start talking to people. I thought girl, get it together you paid for this ticket so make the most of it. So after climbing which felt like the stairways to Heaven, I was at my destination and ready to partake in the event. So since I’ve been going to more events I’ve got to get a higher conference budget.

Now I purposely made sure that I didn’t read any of the reviews. I didn’t want to be tainted by another person’s thoughts.  I will admit I knew nothing of any of the presenters except Luvvie Ajayi. However after the show every last one are now on my radar. These speakers were truly dynamic. The women I sat around were extremely beautiful strangers. They were warm, inviting, and the conversations just flowed.

So onto the show. I won’t go into super detail I’ll just tell you a few things that stuck out to me. The speakers were Luvvie Ajayi, Glennon Doyle, Elizabeth Lesser, Latham Thomas, Abby Wambach, and Jamia Wilson.  They all were extremely good and real and just like they were introduced they set the tone that no “bullshit” was to be expected. They were real and transparent.

I loved how they talked about failure. So many times we only talk about the times we made it, the times we made good decisions or the times where it seems the stars aligned. There is always a dark side to our life. We stray away from speaking on the many failures it takes before we get to the high and happy times. People then only envy the good points. You do not know what it took for people to make it to the life you may see when you think of another person’s success.

Another nugget that I caught was being in the valley. The valley represents the lowest part of our life.  However in the valley is where the water is and where the power is. Caught that?! Yup I did too. So unlike a forum where you hear someone tell you what your life should look like, this was a forum that dropped what they learned and then challenged you to take your own life, figure things out, and require life to serve what you put in. The worst thing in your life can be the best part of your life if you’re open to it.  Ding. As you can read, this was like church, therapy, etc all wrapped into one session.

Also let me say shout out to the sponsors such as State Farm and who had some of the best booths I’ve seen in a while. State Farm literally sketched the below pad in front of me and I love it. Who doesn’t love personal items?! Oh and the lower case s well blame that on my typing hands. You had to send the link for them to etch it.

I’m super glad to push through on a school night to venture out into the city. And I learned so much. We were given a copy of “Love Warrior” by Glennon Doyle and although the lines were long to purchase other books, I now have a list of new books to order this weekend and I’m excited. So if ever you want to get out, use your goggling fingers like I did. You may find some awesome finds in your city or a city near you.  I’ll be taking some time to go through the life assessments that we were given.  The questions were really thought provoking and maybe I’ll share one or two when I get it done.


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