Sunday Message: Complaints do nothing 

It’s raining here. The first thing that came to mind was oh lord is that rain?! Complaints weigh you down. Have you ever noticed that the days you complain that your mood is heavier? Your day is worst? If you take yourself and step away from whatever made you feel like complaining often times the day will turn. Now look I’m no Mary Poppins so I’ve had some days when it felt like the very bottom of my life had fallen. However my response to it matters.

So as I was getting ready and my son made a mess. I’m not one of those I’ll clean up after you parents so I made him do it. He claims that “his arms was too short to clean it.” My son is 50 pounds and is as tall as his 8 year old sister and he’s 5. Arms being short? I almost laughed like son you tried it.

So needless to say he cleaned the mess he created. He was hoping I would come in with the save. He felt like his compliant made some type of sense. It didn’t and it got him no where. He wasted time trying to get an excuse out of it than just going ahead and doing it. I thought how many times do we daily waste valuable time. 

We have too many complaints. The one I love the most is not having enough money. I said that until I sat down with my own paycheck and found ways to turn my full-time check into a full-time and a part-time check. I know of single moms who was on welfare make the most and come off of it and are the head of households and managing their money. Not having enough is an excuse that if you allow will have you stagnant. How many trips to Starbucks or purchasing lunch at work for a week could put more money in your pocket? You want money for what you want and then again for more of what you want without accountability. 

What about not having friends? I too made that complaint and now sit and know the years that was wasted not creating my own village but complained because the village I wanted didn’t look like what I thought I wanted. Complaining is like being at the movies and having someone spoil the ending. You have just wasted your money and time. 

Today don’t complain. Take what you’re complaining about and add some action. People don’t want to keep hearing about what you could do, what you want to do, and what was. Stop talking and make it happen. Today’s message should provoke you to make moves. Everyone taking about Cardi B yet Cardi B got the same amount of hours in a day to make moves as you do.  Create don’t complain! 


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